spring-awakening-3132112_1920The image is totally out of season for the northern hemisphere, but one of my favorite flowers is the crocus. It is an audacious harbinger of hope that will not be deterred even by several inches of snow still on the ground.

It’s been a hard week for many in the RevGals community. In addition to the crises in our own lives or the lives of our parishioners, there has been drama and anxiety on a larger stage. In Scotland and the UK, issues surrounding BREXIT continue to divide people from one another. In the US, the Senate hearings have led to an outpouring of #MeToo stories and less-than-civil political discourse. In Indonesia, the death toll continues to climb after the earthquake and tsunami. And in other parts of the world, there have certainly been things I ought to know about but don’t.

Some of the RevGal bloggers have confronted these crises head-on. Southern Fried Californian blogger Bnzoot talks directly about Judge Brett Kavanaugh: “He shouted, he choked up but shed no real tears I could see, slapped his notes down as punctuation to his angry statements, sniffed, snarked, drew his mouth into a tiny, defiant circle, and basically behaved like a child denied a long-promised toy. His body language made my skin crawl, because it was the all-too-familiar body language of the school yard bully.”

Others take a more indirect approach, as Melanie Griffin does in Writing with Spirit: “Instead of watching my country circling the drain, I will do the laundry, wash the dishes, and clean the bathtub. I’ll do what I can to clear away the dirt from my immediate surroundings because at this particular moment, I can do nothing about the filth that floods the Capitol and the White House.”

As I reviewed dozens of blogs this week, I was struck by how many of our bloggers made time to seek out small slices of peace and beauty. Like a crocus poking its head through the snow, these encounters brought glimpses of light and hope to push back the edges of the darkness.

Jennifer Hackbarth in Narrating Grace likes to notice the seasonal changes of the trees. “Of course it’s always the maples. They’re the most dramatic of all the trees, bursting with fiery shades. When I witness a tall, bright maple standing against a clear, crisp blue autumn sky it takes my breath away.”

Fruitful Words blogger Susan Wright is spending the whole month of October blogging about acts of kindness. The one that caught my eye from this week’s posts was about baking birthday cakes for people you’ve never met. “In 2010 Libby Gruender from Sunnyvale, CA read about a young girl in a Midwest foster home who received a birthday cake. The girl reacted by running to her room while crying. Of course the foster mom thought she had done something wrong and went upstairs to right the situation. It turns out, the girl was emotional because this was her very first birthday cake.” The result was an organization called Cakes4Kids that has chapters in ten countries.

In Martha’s Kitchen, Martha uses another image from nature to offer hope coming out of crisis. “After trauma, when things have been stripped away, there is a stubborn energy that can emerge.  In the face of devastation, new life can appear, like spring leaves in October.  There is a resilience and a will to flourish built into nature, and that includes human nature, too.”

spring crocusThe thing about hope is that it’s contagious. Like the crocus, it grows and spreads. Today there may be one crocus bravely poking out from the snow; tomorrow there will be a whole cluster of them.

These are just a few of the posts from over 400 bloggers in the RevGals community. There are over 100 new posts this week. Click the button on this page that says Our RevGals Blogging Community. Take some time to browse through and let yourself be inspired. When you visit, please leave a Like or a comment so the blogger knows you have stopped by.

Barbara Bruneau is a retired Lutheran pastor, living in southeastern Minnesota and currently serving in interim ministry. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An Explosion of Texture and Color.

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