Dear God,birds

It is a new day.
With it comes some significant wins and some deep losses.

Many are waking up this morning with heavy hearts and tired feet…but their work has not been in vain.

Many are waking up this morning disappointed by those who choose to vote from a place of hate and racism…but not defeated.

Many are waking up this morning filled with anger and bitter pain…but not without hope.

It is a new day.
The work of shifting the arc is long and hard.
The work continues today.
And tomorrow.
And the day after.
It must.

Revive us, O God of a love and justice.
Bless those that put their bodies on the line for our right to vote.
Sustain those that voted for the first time and those that vote every time.
Encourage those whose vote has been denied.
Agitate those that sat this election out.
Convict those that chose party over principle and just US over justice.

It is a new day.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
And live to fight another day.
For love.
For freedom.
For our elders.
For our children.
For the disenfranchised.
For the building of the beloved community.

Amen and ashé.


Rev. Dr. Marilyn Pagán-Banks (she/her/hers/ella) is a queer womanist freedom fighter, minister, spiritual entrepreneur, teacher, and life-long learner committed to the liberation of colonized peoples, centering the marginalized, building power and creating community. She lives in Chicago with her spouse and their teenage son (pray for us), has two adult daughters and eight delightful grandchildren (!—please keep praying ;)) Dr. Pagán-Banks currently serves as executive director of A Just Harvest, pastor at San Lucas UCC, and, adjunct professor at McCormick Theological Seminary.


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