Wil Gafney 2017 - 2How would a lectionary centering women’s stories, chosen with womanist and feminist commitments in mind frame the presentation of the scriptures for proclamation and teaching? More simply, what would it look like if women built a lectionary focusing on women’s stories? How is the story of God told when stories of women’s brutalization and marginalization are moved from the margins of canon and lectionary, and held in the center in tension with stories of savvy and strong women, women whose contribution is not limited to or does not even include childbearing?

The Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney has received a Sabbatical Research Grant from the Louisville Institute to develop a one- and three-year lectionary based on the Episcopal lectionary.
Click here for more information on the project.

Dr. Gafney invites those of you who use a lectionary to suggest and discuss text groupings in response to her posts as she progresses by joining the Women’s Lectionary RevGals Collaboration Facebook group. Please note, this will be a working page rather than a social page. Alicia Hager will moderate on her behalf.

RevGalBlogPals is honored to support Dr. Gafney’s project.


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