This ostrich seems to be asking, “Ya got a sermon in there?” (or, ahem, maybe I’m just feeling a little pressed to get mine written).

Photo by Monica Smith, 2018, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, San Antonio, TX

Revised Common Lectionary preachers are considering scribes and widows, widows and prophets, orphans and widows. Check out a post and discussion here. Narrative Lectionary preachers are pondering the prophet Micah’s most famous proclamation in chapter 6. It’s also stewardship season, at least in the northern hemisphere, and Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day for many of us. Where is the Spirit leading you this week?

The weather is dreary where I live, so I’ll be snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea, diligently working on a sermon. And a fourth grade science fair project.

Come share your ideas and your challenges, your wonderings and half-formed ideas. We love to hear them all. I am praying for each of you as you prepare to bring God’s word to God’s people.

Monica Thompson Smith is a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, serving as stated supply pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Luling, TX. She is a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.

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23 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Ya Got a Sermon?

  1. I have been told my sermons have been “too political” of late and yet this is the lectionary text this week – and it’s stewardship Sunday. I am struggling to preach the Gospel while feeding my flock. God, give me the words. I am under the blanket as well, but need to make my cup of tea.


      1. A sermon I wrote a number of years ago was entitled “Tell me the truth, but. . .” In the opening part, I noted that the other part of the title was “make sure it is my version of the truth.”

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  2. i thought i had a sermon. i was going to reuse one from 4 years ago [in another parish], but looking at it, it doesn’t go anywhere. it is mainly background and walking through the book of Micah. maybe an extra paragraph to give it an ending will be enough.
    i suspect attendance will be low tomorrow, partly becasue of Remembrance day – with people going to special services – and partly tired from a spring fair today.


    1. I know the feeling…I jotted down the title of an old one this week, with this notation: “ok-ish. Needs another ending.” How’s that for “basically useless”?!?

      I see below that you got it all finished. Rest well.


  3. I am using the RCL so widow’s mite and psalm 146 for me.
    It is also Remembrance Sunday – so I am expecting a very large turn out of people who come to church two or three times per year; we will start earlier than usual, and following the service parade along our high street to the village square for an Act of Remembrance starting at 10.55
    Because this is the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice – there is added pressure, for it to be right; and for the timing to be spot on
    The sermon’s title is “why do we give” – it was going to be what do we give – but actually, I think the better question is why.
    my answer so far – to fight for justice; to speak out for the oppressed
    It’s a good enough start
    I have also spent this morning making Christmas cakes – and there is a wonderful spicy smell drifting up from the kitchen!

    time for a cup of tea I think!!

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      1. *Why* we give is indeed the better question. Thanks for sharing! Remembrance Day is “Veteran’s Day” here, and it is observed, but the observations are not really focused on church services. I’m working through how I’ll recognize the veterans in my own congregation, as well as the World War I armistice. I hope the timing all works out perfectly for you!


  4. Felt like I had nothing, worried all week, finally cranked it out yesterday. Then this morning, cleaning out papers, found 2015’s and I think I like it better. Widow, scribes, justice, stewardship. Maybe I’ll flip a coin in the morning.

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  5. 4:15pm, finished with a kids’ message, but barely started on the adult sermon. Our congregation is grieving the sudden resignation of my co-pastor, so working to acknowledge that in the midst of stewardship time and celebrating a baptism. Hopefully my rough notes form themselves into something useful soon! Most weeks I have a draft by now, but things have been busy and tough the past few days, so the sermon writing is slow.


  6. Well, I see why I like the 3yo sermon so much better! I was preaching to a church which would be closing in a couple of weeks, and wrapping up months of preaching on abandoning the trappings of religion , ie the building whose expenses had brought us low, in favor of devoting our time and energy and money to justice and to the community. MUCH easier to preach in the context of a neighborhood in great need than in the context of great privilege, where I am now. This has given me a lot to consider, as I have been trying for the past month to figure out how to approach this well-meaning and well-healed congregation.

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  7. Here’s mine. It’s done. That’s about the most I can say for it.
    We will toll the bell 21 times at 11 o’clock while everyone is down in the fellowship hall packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child after worship. The historical society across the street from us is having a special WWI exhibit tomorrow, so I’d better have that carillon ready to ring! And now I just remembered that I forgot to re-set its clock last week when Daylight Saving Time ended, so it’s been off an hour all week anyway.

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    1. Done is good! The bell from our tower has been missing for decades–it’s a mystery that no one still alive can solve. But I often wish we had one. Your 21 bells sounds like a really nice idea for tomorrow.


  8. We apparently had a grand piano back in the 70s that disappeared one Saturday night. The only way to get it out of the building would have been with professional piano moving equipment taking it down a narrow two landing staircase. The things people will do …


    1. Well that is an intriguing mystery, too! Our bell disappeared during some kind of renovation project. I think someone should write a mystery novel about it.


  9. It’s late, well past my bedtime. I think I’ve got something. We’ll see what the Spirit does with it tomorrow. Blessings to each of you, especially to those still working.


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