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Two more Sundays and we’ve concluded another long season after the Pentecost. The readings, if one is following the RCL, are sounding doom and gloom and pointing to the end of all things. The world around many of us kind of looks that way too: wild fires, snowstorms, and all kinds of disruptions from weather.

I’m preaching this Sunday, not at all sure where I’m going with the texts – using the second reading option (Daniel) and Mark. What about you? Are you following the Narrative lectionary? and if so, what’s prompting you? Or are you using one of the readings from the RCL?

Let’s share hope and inspiration, concerns and what is making us anxious. We’re here to pray and offer encouragement and support, and loads of virtual sustenance.


The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski is an Episcopal priest serving a parish in Dearborn, Michigan. She’s been a member of RevGalBlogPals since 2006 and blogs at Seeking Authentic Voice

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17 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: The End, almost…

  1. no preaching for me this weekend. The congregation that meets at the earlier time on Sunday is having their annual congregation meeting, I had arranged for a lay preacher to lead the second service. As i have had two long weeks, and a big funeral on Tuesday, She is doing both services, which meant no preparation for me. YEAH!! Hope to only log 45 hours this week .


  2. For those in the US who will be observing or referencing Thanksgiving in worship, I’ve uploaded a Litany of Thanksgiving to the files. It is available for use, with attribution. Blessings to each of you as you write and preach and lead worship this weekend.

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    1. We are hosting an ecumenical service on Thanksgiving Eve, so nothing really about Thanksgiving in the worship tomorrow, except a reminder that we have created and are hosting a community Giving Thanks dinner, on Sunday afternoon, which is free and open to the public, with 85 people reserved to come, far more than I anticipated for this first time event.

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  3. I am squeezing in some reading and prep for the sermon, which I will try to write out even though I don’t use the text. And, I am preparing mediations for the vestry meeting this afternoon. And I am preparing my little reflection on gratitude for the Giving Thanks community dinner tomorrow. Soon I will need to get a little exercise, and then go to church for meetings….


  4. Just back from a good and invigorating meeting; now to work, and to see if the notes I made in the week are actually the sermon fodder I am hoping for…
    I have been using both the gospel and Hebrews for the past few weeks (RCL) and have decided to extend the Hebrews to include the verse about love, good deeds and encouragement – not entirely sure where I’m going… will let you know when I get there!!

    I have broken out a tin of ginger thins… and there’s always plenty hot tea on the go


  5. Discovering things. Sunday 5. Despite two worship services with about 175 total people, fewer than 10 combined show up for the two adult classes between services. I have heard a lot about how people appreciated the teaching of my predecessor, which apparently they relied on more than their classes. So I am doing a lot of teaching about the temple tomorrow. Talking about apocalypse and the Hebrew encouragements as a response thereto. I do not want to exploit the CA situation, as there really are no words, but I am closing with an observation: the photo I saw of the charred nativity set lined up on a burned-out vehicle as a sign of hope.


  6. This is my “sophomore” (or second) sermon at my new call. All the texts feel like too much to tackle on the first Sunday we will also be having communion together. I’m tired from moving and also don’t feel like I know people well enough to pick a direction that is particularly pertinent to them. Sighs too deep for words right now.


    1. Oh, gosh. Those early weeks with a brand new congregation are challenging. May you find a direction that leads to a nourishing banquet for you and for them, and may a spirit of gentleness and welcome hold you all.


  7. I’m preaching on Hannah’s prayer tomorrow. It feels connected to last week’s widow’s offering of her whole life and connected to the question I posed last week– How do we imagine a resurrected world, a just world, a peace-filled world, when this is the world we have? All Saints’ Day, the widow’s self-offering, Hannah’s song, and the Magnificat coming in a few weeks– these all show us faithful responses to a glimpse of God’s presence at work in the world.

    Preaching Hannah’s prayer and song, I know I need to acknowledge that God doesn’t always “fix” infertility. Dr. Wil Gafney has written some helpful pieces on Hannah that draw the heart’s eye to God’s deep and abiding presence, Emanu-el, even in the face of unanswered longing.

    So I see a thread moving towards Reign of Christ Sunday next week, but that’s all I’ve got at 3 pm on Saturday afternoon. Well, that and a dog on my lap, carrot soup on the menu for tonight, and the start of a cold.


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