Look, I know it’s a busy time of year. Whether you’re wearing sandals for Christmas in the southern hemisphere or looking for your thickest wool socks in the north or somewhere in between, I come with beautiful feet (relatively speaking) to bring you a little good news. I got a great tip from RevGal Board member and long-time contributor, Jemma Allen, that has revolutionized my Bible reading.

In fact, it’s made a big splash in the congregation I serve.

I have been searching for a while for an audiobook version of the New Revised Standard MainImage_iPads__press_wide-1240x570Version. Sometimes I can find part of a book or a couple books published together, but I could never find the whole Bible in the translation I use regularly in an audio form. As a kinesthetic learner, I really do best if I can do two things at once- like knitting and listening to a book. Or coloring and listening to a book. Or walking and listening to a book.

I wanted to be able to do this with the Bible. I put out a call for help and Jemma provided the information about NRSV: Audio Bible for Everyone – Text and Audio Bible from SPCK. I downloaded it immediately and then nearly wept. This was exactly what I needed.

Through the app, available for both Google-based and Apple operating systems, you can download portions of the Bible. That way the whole Bible isn’t taking up space you need in your phone memory if that’s an issue for you. There is only one narrator, a man with a fairly smooth reading voice. You can increase the font size and there is night mode available if you’re reading along with the narration.

I’m trying to blog through Revelation during Advent. I suggested to people that Revelation was written to be heard. Furthermore, when Revelation gets overwhelming, it’s easier to let the words wash over you than to let your eyes glaze and wander the page. When one blogs, similar to preaching, one never knows what’s been absorbed, what’s helpful, and what slid by as the tide left the shore. Thus, I was happily surprised to find that a few people were using the app and finding it quite helpful. They wished they had known about it earlier.

So, the gift I give you today is not a book to read (though I have those), but a way to have The Book read to you (and to your congregants). The main app itself is free. There may be a paywall for some things therein, but I haven’t found it yet because I haven’t needed those things.

Take care of yourself, friend, and maybe treat yourself to someone reading you a few psalms. Or even the Christmas story.

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