I’ve just enjoyed a winter solstice party where we crafted lights for the darkness. I know that some of you are experiencing the summer solstice. Wherever you are in our global community, together, we prepare to welcome the Christ child again. How are your plans coming along? What does your to-do list look like this weekend? How many sermons do you need before you can take a break? Are you involving others in services and trying to hold things together? It’s not too late to share your inspiration or to glean ideas from this group. Please share what’s happening where you are and the different and familiar ways you will celebrate Christmas. If there’s one more piece you need to bring things together, it can probably be found here – just ask. Lectionary Posts from earlier in the week can be found here (RCL) and here (NL)
We can help one another over the line to ensure that we all do the things we need to make room for God with us in all the different ways and different places we minister today.

Liz Crumlish is a Church of Scotland Minister currently working on a National Renewal Project in Scotland. A Board Member of RevGalBlogPals, one of the instigators of Spill the Beans and contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, Liz blogs at journalling.

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10 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: It’s a boy! Edition

  1. started trying to write about 3.00 pm (Saturday), I am not sure i can write a sermon in daylight 🙂

    Tonight is combined churches Carols and Lessons, so i hope to have a good start, or better still a finished sermon, before dinner in 1.5 hours. Pondering Joseph, and where is God in the story of our lives – at least i think that is where i am going.


  2. a reasonable draft done this afternoon, including about half a previous sermon. Then a quick dinner, and the ecumenical Carols and Lessons. Clergy or leaders from 7 different denominations – Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Salvation Army, Uniting Church and Pentecostal were part of the service.
    some final editing, and here is a
    sermon on the birth narrative in Matthew’s Gospel.


  3. Surfacing after three solid days in bed with a touch of the flu. The focus is Micah. We’ll sing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” one verse at a time throughout the service due to an organist whose repertoire is limited. Trying to figure out if its possible to weave the words of the hymn into and through a sermon on the prophetic text with so little time to prepare. Christmas preparations are not yet finished, but I am grateful the celebration with our kids is not until Saturday, though I lamented it when we scheduled earlier in the fall. It grants a few more days for shopping and for two-day shipping as needed. Two more sermons to prepare in the next two weeks, which isn’t usual for me as pulpit supply, but it is my favorite time of year, so surely God’s grace will carry me. Listening to the conversation here as I prepare today. Grace and peace to all~


  4. We have our ‘Come and Join’ Nativity [ie no rehearsal, no set parts, DIY on the day retelling of the story] tomorrow – one service only in the morning ….it is always a wonderful choas with families with no regular church attendance or connection coming along to be part of the tableau. We sometimes have multiple Marys and Josephs [and that is totally OK]. We may have 1 or 11 shepherds and goodness knows how many Magi, Shepherds or animals! There are no lines to learn, children and adults can take part and be whomever they want and the whole congregation sing the carols and mime the actions along with everyone. This year, as last, the script is my adaptation of the Bible Society UK’s ‘Greatest Journey’ with extra lines to make it oh so similar to one of my favourite children’s poem books – We’re going on a bear hunt’ my Michael Rosen.

    Tomorrow evening is our annual joint churches BIG SING carol service to raise funds for Christian Aid but that service is organised by a working group so I only have a blessing to prepare!

    As we are reusing last year’s script [and powerpoint] I have had a wonderful ‘family’ day wrapping gifts, watching cheesy Hallmark movies, taking the dog a nice walk around the loch [lake] in town and buying last minute bits and bobs. So – please help yourself to Christmas cake, stollen bites, lebkuchen and mince pies.

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  5. I’m having a terrible time with “monkey brain” today. I’ve set the crockpot going with spaghetti sauce, swept the house (which accomplishment is almost entirely erased, thanks to four furry feet tracking in dead leaves and grass), made lunch, taken a nap, and managed to accomplish a few small tasks for church. The sermon is not more than a glimmer of a thought, and I’m having a hard time getting motivated.

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    1. I haven’t accomplished much, either, Monica. I’ve straightened the sick bed from my camping out there this week and finished the remaining Christmas cards and attempted the sermon to no avail. My husband has left for the first of the family celebrations at his parents’ home, so I have quiet and the lights of the Christmas tree to keep me company, but alas … nothing useful yet in the way of the sermon, and I REALLY need another good night’s sleep, so any time now would be good …..

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      1. After preaching a funeral Friday, I finished Christmas shopping this morning and grocery shopping after lunch but finally sat down about 3 p.m. I began Advent with Mary and then added John so this week I am focused on Elizabeth and how she is listening to the Holy Spirit and responds to Mary with celebration even though she arrived on Elizabeth’s doorstep unexpectedly. Gratitude to Rev. Dr. Judith Jones for her 2015 commentary on workingpreacher.org

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  6. Hm. Well, it ended up being a more political sermon than I had intended. Not overtly, but it sure is a strong subtext. I’m not sure how to preach the Magnificat without getting political, so here we are.

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    1. I’m going to end up being a bit political as well…pulling in some #metoo and mansplaining in relation to the song “Mary Did You Know?”…shall see how it goes. I’ve been doing a long term pulpit supply and this is my last Sunday plus Christmas Eve, so I kinda like going out with a bang 🙂


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