The Carnival Magic, ready to sail with 65 RevGals aboard

Hi friends! I write this from sunny Miami, as I’m not preaching this Sunday, but rather heading out on our Big Event with the Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney leading us in learning about womenanist midrash.

For those of you in the pulpit this week, what are you working on? How are you approaching the excitement of Epiphany? Do you have the NL addition of the slaughter of the innocents and flight to Egypt as well? Are you doing Star Words?

Share your ideas, children’s sermon plans, prayer requests, hopes and dreams, and star word questions here! Happy Epiphany!

Teri Peterson is a minister in the west of Scotland, currently enjoying the vast difference in temperature between home and Miami. She is grateful for this community and all the great friends and ministry helps that come from it!

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9 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: big boat edition

  1. I hope you all have a wonderful time, i plan to be at another BE one day.
    I have had laryngitis this week, and an eye infection, this Sunday is our communion service, so i am thinking very short sermon, which means choosing one focus. I have handed out some parts of the liturgy to others, so i can rest my voice. We are doing Star words [writing on them is this afternoon’s task], and i am introducing the Why Jesus Project as well, which is NL based and goes for all of Epiphany.

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  2. I was planning for a short sermon, as we have communion and Star words, and i am still recovering from laryngitis, but it wasn’t to be. I have some people leading parts of worship at each service, to ease my voice a little, and it means i won’t be singing. Here is my sermon Matthew chapter 2
    Now to do about 100 star words,
    at least it is only 10.45 pm on Saturday evening.


  3. We are installing the Call Committee, and so I am preaching on the magi as examples of curiosity, commitment, and creativity. Don’t even ask me about the advisability of installing a call committee 2.5 months after the arrival of the transitional pastor and 4 months after the departure of FP of 22 years…..

    I may do water words next week instead of star words this week. I think I read about that on a ELCA pastors FB page, and that would work better with my time constraints.

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  4. The magi are one of my favorite stories. It seems I plumb the depths (personally) all the time on “home by another way”! The theme for this interim (for 2019) is “Holy _____!” and I will be introducing it tomorrow helping them live into this time of transition and as we go we will fill in that blank. Star words are also a part of the sermon/worship. To my knowledge, it will be a brand new concept.


  5. I’ve been struck by the inclusivity of God’s salvation, love extending to all the world & the contrast between Herod’s & the magi’s reactions to Jesus’ birth. I think we have a little of both in our lives. We’ll be handing out star words – a new thought for me this year is the received word being for the individual & for relationships out in the world.


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