dscn6907Do you long for the kind of world outlined in our Lectionary texts this week? A world where the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, the prisoners freed…? And where blessedness has a whole different set of metrics?
The Revised Common Lectionary offers us a variety of alternative realities from the kind of world that often seems to dominate news headlines today, culminating in Jesus’ manifesto proclaimed as he read from the Isaiah scroll. (RCL Post from earlier in the week here.)
And the Narrative Lectionary text includes the Beatitudes and lots of other teaching Jesus offers on the alternative life style that makes space and holds out love and hope for all. (NL Post from earlier in the week here.)

Are these the texts you’ll be preaching this week? How are you sharing them with adults and with children? Are you working through a series or doing something else? Let us know in the comments – and we can listen and learn from one another.

Rev Liz Crumlish is a Presbyterian minister living on the west coast of Scotland. She is a member of the RevGalBlogPals Board and contributed to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.


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9 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: A better way edition

  1. I am! Along with the James 1:17 text about being doers and not only hearers. Title is “Mint In Box” [for all my Big Bang folks], referencing have gifts but not using them does NOT make them more valuable in the Beloved Community. Children’s sermon is basically one gift does not fit all – the perfect gift for the two year old glitter princess is not the perfect gift for the five year old hockey hopeful and neither is the perfect gift for the bookworm. And not even CHOCOLATE is the perfect gift for all [close though!]. Some are allergic, and some [go figure!] just don’t like it. But the gift God gives each of us is perfect FOR US. Hope this helps.


  2. My sermon got written early in the week as I was due to have shoulder surgery on Thursday. Today is Friday and I’m surprised at how well I’m doing post surgery. Was afraid I’d have to tell the congregation I couldn’t make it and let them do a hymn sing. Nope, I think this will work, although I may ditch the robe with the complication of the arm sling. Anyway — yes yes yes, 1 Corinthians 12 — “Members of the Body.” Yeah, could riff on the shoulder surgery, but the sermon has more to do with parts of the body at war with one another…say like our government right now…”Because I am not a hand, I don’t belong to the body” has become “Because YOU’RE not a hand, YOU don’t belong to the body” — but hands can’t function alone — they need the whole body. And the body needs hands. And so on.


  3. I am using the Luke text and framing it as Jesus’ WHY statement (Simon Simek’s work). Trying something new this week. I am preaching a very short intro and then inviting folks to reflect on four questions based on Appreciative Inquiry. This is the start of beginning to unpack who they are and where God is calling them…hence…their WHY statement. I have the four questions printed out and will give them time to jot down answers. I hope there is time to allow some brief sharing…a word or two. I am inviting any visitors present to share why they chose to visit and what they hope to find in a church. My initial plan was to hang 3 foot by 2 foot pages all around the sanctuary and have them move around. However, on second thought, the potential of the markers bleeding through to the wall prompted plan B.

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    1. I love referring to this passage as Jesus’ “Why” statement. I’m familiar with the Why thing, and this is perfect. Also love your idea of inviting reflection, drawing on appreciative inquiry. Prayers that all goes well!


  4. My focus text is Nehemiah. Title: Paying Attention. My eyes are swollen from crying as I sat with a grieving family today who lost a young mother to brain cancer. 26 years old and leaving a four year old and an almost two year old behind. I’m heart broken and longing for the word to restore my soul. My furloughed husband returned to work last week, but with the end of the shutdown, will work to get time sheets for employees in his thirteen county offices validated by noon on Monday, so they can be paid. There is so much running through my head as I read and re read and RE read these passages, knowing somehow I need a sermon by morning. Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayers.


      1. Thank you. The sermon is about half done. I know where it’s headed. Can’t keep my eyes open, so I’m heading to bed and setting the alarm for 5, leaving a note for my husband to wake me up at six as back up if I don’t hear it. Hoping God offers a Children’s Time while I’m sleeping. Rest well, friends … I hope you all are fairing better.


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