snow on trees web

I remember waiting for a bus-
Clark Street in Chicago
for over an hour, in
bitter cold temperatures
on my way to work.
Always the expectation
that the bus was
just around the corner,
would arrive soon.
And, when it did,
so crowded that
I could barely squeeze on.
I’d lean into the buildings,
gathering what little heat
I could draw, and shelter
from the wind.

I wonder how many people
died last week, homeless

Or maybe lucky enough to find
a crowded spot in a shelter?
Or some warmth from
a building?
Or not.

I wonder how many people
died last week? Homeless.

May God forgive us for our greed.
May God lead us to more equitable
distribution of resources. For, there is
plenty of housing in this country
but housing and finances support
the wealthy and unfairly judge
the poor.

May God forgive us and lead us
to new ways.

The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski is an Episcopal priest serving a parish in Dearborn, Michigan. She’s been a member of RevGalBlogPals since 2006 and blogs at Seeking Authentic Voice.

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