Hello, all!  I’m filling in on today’s Friday Five, which has reminded me that a lot of people are practicing, practicing, practicing — and then writing about their Lenten practices.

In The Edge is Here, Elaine is writing about words, words, words for Lent.  Her exploration of the word “possess” asks us: What do you possess, for good or for ill?

Tony writes in Heart on the Left about what he is not giving up for Lent – his United Methodist tradition.  As you might imagine, Tevye features in his post.

Jan of a church for starving artists participated in a conversation at NEXT Church on lament as a spiritual practice, and urges us to lament and recognize the travesty of racism in our nation.

In Swimmer in the Fount, Pat is rebooting her spiritual practice, trying to take a detour from scriptural exegesis and re-focusing on meditative reading of scripture.

Liberation Theology Lutheran Kristin writes about leading a Lenten journaling group.

And, finally, Annemarie writes in Messy Jesus Business about painting Mary as she actually would have actually looked.   There’s a Lenten practice for those of us seldom required to consider alternatives beyond ourselves: Envision the people who populate our Bibles and then, if they look suspiciously white and blue-eyed, try again

If you have writing, photographs, or art to share, please leave a link in the comments!

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Rev. Robin Craig is a PC(USA) pastor serving a northeast Ohio ELCA congregation as its transitional pastor. She is also a spiritual director, a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, and a lapsed blogger at www.maryrobincraig.com.

2 thoughts on “Friday Festival: Early Lent

  1. I’m tangling crosses this Lenten season, inspired by First Pres., Burlington, NC, who invited me to teach them how to tangle in a digital Prayer Art Retreat and tangled crosses to use on their bulletin covers through Lent. Art and worship. ❤


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