RevGal Jemma Allen from Auckland, New Zealand, shared this photo of a Lenten (or Advent) spiral candleholder from Moo and the Gang in our Facebook group .

What are you pondering two weeks into Lent? What are you longing for in the quiet of your heart?

Elaine Besthorn unlocks the #lentenlabyrinth~~seek.

We arrived.
The door was locked. 
More of our group arrived.
They too tried the door.
Still locked. 
I guess they did not trust our findings.
Repeat entire sequence one more time after our entire group arrived.


Rachel Hackenberg considers the fig tree.

Still trying to grow,
O Jesus, Gardener of Life.

Still trying to heal,
O Jesus, Redeemer of Dust.

Still trying to serve,
O Jesus, Host of the Banquet.

Don’t dig up this fig tree yet.
Don’t abandon me to my bleeding.
Don’t kick me out for lack of a dinner robe.


Sally Coleman is Watching Snow…

I need the stilling of my spirit,

The calming of storms within, and around me…

I need a holy silence to hold me,

If only for a moment…


Pat Raube is blogging through the season – Lent Day 12: I Need You.

This opening verse to Psalm 63 never fails to connect with me at an emotional, almost physical level.

It’s piercing, but in a good way.

I can feel the longing of the psalmist.

I can feel the deficit they feel: the parched soul, the body ready to collapse.

And I can feel that this is not idle seeking: They are clamoring, they are questing. This is not a passing-the-time-with-religion kind of thing.

Today, I feel the need.


Milton Brasher-Cunningham continues his lenten journal: someone is always leaving.

someone is always leaving

I was twelve years old before
I met someone who had never moved
and I discovered I was the strange one
because I was accustomed to suitcases

Read the rest at his blog, where he always signs his posts, “Peace, Milton.”


Whose words are touching you today? I hope you will leave a link or a thought in the comments, and I encourage you to visit these members of our community and leave a comment with each of them.

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