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Shoshone Falls, Idaho, (c) JMR2019

It’s the middle of Lent; here in Scotland this means two things this week – it’s Mothering Sunday and time for us to catch up with the rest of the world moving to British Summertime (BST) better known as Daylight Savings – which I have already ‘done’ once this year thank you very much! Oh yes, for me personally it is also Annual Meeting Sunday, and I have a stinker of a cold which means almost no voice, a hacking cough and streaming nose (so attractive!)

Earlier this week we shared thoughts for those of you using either RCL or NL, with excellent thoughts on suicide awareness and sensitivity from Rachel Keefe, and a shout out to all the Bridesmaids to get sharing with the oil from Marci Glass.

Rachel’s post is actually called the Prodigal Edition, and also covers a truly fabulous thought on Prodigal God (go on! go read it!)

And Marci’s post, is about the ahem, wise and foolish… nah – bridesmaids who are marginalised called Oil Crisis, and very definitely, you should read this one too – whether or not you use the NL!

Whether your sermon is ready to go; or you have yet to even begin thinking about it, there is a welcome for you. I will be around and about, bar a couple of hours to spend with my son and D-i-L for “Early Mothers Day” lunch.

Share your goodies, your questions, your ideas and give & receive encouragement

Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland Parish Minister, serving a rural congregation in the Scottish Borders, south of Edinburgh. She recently spent time in the US attending NEXT Church Conference, and undertaking a road trip with friend and fellow RevGal, Marci Glass, who took her to visit the Shoshone Falls, pictured above.

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22 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party – Oil with your Prodigals?

  1. Lots going on tomorrow – a Presby morning event and a Lutheran evening event, with a hospital visit in the middle — so sermon is basically finished. I’m happy with it, which makes me a bit nervous — the ones I think are pedestrian usually get a good comment or two. This one is focused on the four characters in the PS story, starting with the unmentioned mother, and on God’s reckless love.

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    1. A busy day ahead Robin; I hope you manage some time for yourself in all of that. I love the idea of God’s reckless love, and good to include the excluded ones


  2. Hi! I am preaching on the RCL on IDENTITY, as all three texts have something to say about who we are before God. I’m also using artwork from around the world and across the centuries about the parable of the lost son/forgiving father. I have it on powerpoint if anyone wants some inspiration.

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        1. I’m not sure either… I think you can upload it as a document on the Facebook Group – within the Preacher Party thread…
          On here, things need to be within a blog post to be shared


  3. I haven’t preached for a few weeks, but now I’m on for the next several, through Easter. I have participated in two congregational Bible studies on the prodigal son this Lent: in one of them we asked, “who are you in this story?” So I think I’m going with that tomorrow. I am still preaching extemporaneously, but doing my work to get there. I think I’m going to talk about love as part of the question, who are you? And how at any given point in time I can be anyone of these three persons: the one who squanders love, the one who feels unloved and bitter, or the one who pursues loving both children – everyone. I think I’ll connect it to the Lenten (Episcopal) discipline of “self-examination” . In the season of Lent I am asked to examine who I am, how I am living my life, to consider the ways I squander love, the ways I lean toward bitterness and insecurity and fail to see love, and the ways I pursue love. I think I do all three of these, and perhaps others do too?

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  4. Thankful for a sustainable sermon on the PS. I’ve been reading Amy-Jill Levine (just got her new book on Holy Week as well) and so have adapted it somewhat to focusing on the lostness and the celebration. I am including a portion of Ann Weems “Balloons Belong in Church”. I start teaching a whirlwind confirmation class tomorrow evening. Today I am laying low in preparation for a long Sunday.

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  5. I have about 90 minutes/2 hours to write while my mom takes my kids swimming. Then a 6 hour drive home from Grandma’s house this afternoon and a busy Sunday (preaching/youth group/preaching at a different church) and then school starts back up for the kids tomorrow after a 2 week spring break (TBtG). I have been prepping, and have an outline talking, as others are, about how we are each of the people in the story, but haven’t had a quiet couple of hours to get it on paper.
    A couple weeks ago I asked a father and his two sons (who are all dramatic and excellent readers) to read the scripture in parts, so I have that. Trying to decide whether to tell the other two stories (coin and sheep) during the time with the children or just to gather the children and prep them a little and then have them watch from the front and listen to the reading of the story of two sons.
    One of the things I’m working on as I write is that we have some high schoolers/young adults coming to worship these days who did not grow up in church, so I am trying hard to be careful about offhand comment like “in this familiar story” or “we all know the story of the Prodigal son, but maybe we can hear it differently today.”
    Ready, set, write…!


    1. Wow! That’s quiate a day you have. Praying for safe travels for you all, and that tomorrow you will feel the Spirit’s presence inspiring those new kids to feel included and part of the family. Great call getting good dramatic readers in too!

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  6. I’m going with prodigality, as part of the Listen to Him (seedbed.com) series we’ve been following through Lent. Sermon link: https://wp.me/p2U45T-u4
    Today was our monthly community breakfast. We served over 100, with several new families attending and quite a few “God talks” around the tables – I’m always available for such conversations, but I don’t initiate them. Today, people had questions. Plus, our diaper giveaway connected with 18 families. This morning felt more like Pentecost than Lent. Holy Spirit came busting through big time. Now I’m really looking forward to Sunday! I may even give an altar call!


  7. Well y’all it is now almost 7 pm here in Scotland; time for me to go get dinner on and rest up a bit.
    I am still feeling pretty rough with this cold – but a friend who is a retired geriatric nurse suggested I try antihistmine – a trick they used in the nursing facility she worked at – the cold remains, but at least my nose has stopped running!!
    I have a powerpoint restrospective to show tomorrow, which will save my voice some; and many others will be speaking during the service so I am planning on talking as little as possible!
    I will check in again in a couple of hours 🙂


  8. I have something written. I will look at it in the morning. I have an ending for the sermon in my own congregation, an illustration about someone in our congregation expressing how much he feels loved. I will be thinking about whether I can shape the same ending for people who don’t know us or if I need to change it (though as I write this I am realizing that this other little congregation has supported this man on mission trips and he and his daughter have spoken for them, so maybe I just need to ask his permission to share with the larger context–have already asked to share with our folks.) –Wendy

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  9. I am going with a focus on sharing… for the wise and foolish NL reading. Sharing is important– and I am working in Period. end of sentence… the sharing of making pads to ease the taboo of menstruation. Still fine tuning it but several post over the past few months from here have been helpful. Thank you.

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      1. The documentary is Period, End of Sentence. It’s on Netflix, 25 min– see it. I used it as an example of being compassionate and sharing… how some women in the USA heard about a need, had compassion and shared to enable the pad machine to be bought and the making of the documentary. Someone on Revgalblogpals wrote about the documentary and our need to talk about menstruation… to end the taboo a few weeks ago. It fit this week and so I did. No push back …. yet.

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