Daffodils in a lull.

It’s Friday in the post-Easter lull, which doesn’t mean the week wasn’t busy but only that we pastors may be living lull-ishly regardless. Some of the blog posts I’ll share are current and perhaps pertinent for this Sunday, while the others speak to last week and ideas we may want to bookmark for next year.

Two of our bloggers created versions of Psalm 150, the alternate psalm for this Sunday in the Revised Common Lectionary.

Praise God on every platform!
Praise God with the teen’s newest app
and the grandmother’s desktop monitor!
Praise God in the Cloud!
Maren Tirabassi, more at Improv on Psalm 150

Let everything that breathes praise God!
Praise God!
The dogs in their barking,

Praise God!
The cats in their meowing,
Praise God!
The snakes in their slithering,
Praise God!

Joanna Harader, whose post shares a model to build a Psalm 150 Call to Worship

Hannah Adair Bonner builds on a conversation about the women at the tomb that may change your thinking for next year’s preaching.

“Why didn’t the women go to prepare the body right away?” my brilliant Jewish friend asked me yesterday as I tried to explain what Easter meant to me.

“Huh?” This wasn’t the way that I was trained to think about the three days in the tomb, but it seemed rather obvious to someone who had been educated to understand the Jewish way of doing things and how odd it would be to wait that long. Like leaving the image of God unloved.

Read the rest at Body Taken Into Custody.

Diane Roth takes us to chapel during Holy Week.

At the end of the chapel on Thursday, I told all of the children to gather with their teachers so that they could go back to their classes.  And as always, I went to the door of the chapel and greeted all of them as they lined up with all of their classmates and prepared to go back to their classrooms.  And somewhere, in the middle, one little boy grabbed my hand and just held on.

Read the rest of The Child Who Held My Hand.

Michelle Francl-Donnay wonders what we will remember as she edits a book of Lenten reflections for next year.

It’s the picture of the single shoe that haunts me. An overturned red shoe on the asphalt, and shattered glass, so much glass, glass like snow on the ground.  I woke on Easter not to photos of Mass at St. Peter’s or to small children in their best romping on green lawns with Easter baskets in hand, but to scenes from the bombings in Sri Lanka.

Read An Unimaginable Easter Imagined.

Martha Spong is a clergy coach and executive director of RevGalBlogPals. She is co-author of Denial is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith), with Rachel Hackenberg, and editor of There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, a collection of essays by members of the RevGalBlogPals community. (Photo by the author.)

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