We are delighted to announce our second REVive retreat at Bishop’s House on the Isle of Iona, Scotland.

The Program – In this post-Christendom era, how might we be church, discovering anew God’s purpose for our communities and our calling to be part of God’s mission in the world? History demonstrates that Renewal in the church often comes from the edges, from movements springing up on the periphery of institutions. You are invited to participate in a time of discernment, learning and renewal on the beautiful island of Iona, from where, in the 6th century, St Columba banished women for fear they would make mischief. Come and make mischief with us!

Our Presenter – For the last 4 years, Scottish RevGal Liz Crumlish has been exploring these ideas with clergy and congregations in Scotland and beyond as part of a national project: Path of Renewal. Building on over 20 years experience in Hospital Chaplaincy and in Parish Ministry, Liz invites individuals to engage in a personal transformation that transforms communities. Read stories and reflections on Renewal here.

The Particulars – Our group will have all of Bishop’s House on Iona from April 18-25, 2020 (Saturday to Saturday). Daily worship and communal meals are part of the Bishop’s House experience. The cost is £600 per person for a shared room, or £675 for a single room. There will be 20 spaces available, 12 of them reserved for residents of the UK.

Registration will open on Wednesday, 21 August, 2019, with a ten day window to submit a form. After a random draw for both UK and non-UK attendees, we will notify those who have a spot and those on the waiting list.

There will then be an initial payment due of £300 (approximately $390 US based on today’s exchange rate)* per person, which includes all meals. The balance – £300 for doubles or £375 for a single –  will be due no later than Friday, 17 January, 2020.

RevGalBlogPals on the lawn at Bishop’s House in 2017.

15 thoughts on “Save the Date! REVive Iona – April 18-25, 2020

  1. If there are only eight spaces for non-U.K. participants, how will you select the eight? I am guessing a lot more than eight will want to be part of this event. First come first served? Or a lottery? Or what?


    1. We’re planning to run two separate lotteries. We expect proportionally more interest from outside the UK and are attempting to protect spaces for UK RevGals by reserving more total spaces for them. If either category doesn’t get filled by a certain date, we will fill the remainder of the spots from the other list. I hope this helps.


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