Bearer of all, how tempting it is to sag and weep as your people suffer wound after unthinkable wound.
How tempting it is to shrink from the pain and the grief, and seek the corners where we may be shielded from the assaults of hate.
How tempting it is, to hope that others will step up, speak up, and stand up so that we may replenish our strength and restore our souls.
In the face of such sorrow I am holding fast to the truth that love matters.
I am holding fast to the experience that love heals.
I am holding fast to the reality that love transforms.
I am holding fast, if just barely.

I do so because turning toward love is the only way I can look in the mirror,
the only way I can pray,
the only way I can hope in the face of evil and cruelty.
I turn toward love to be renewed in faith,
and I turn toward love in order to see that others are also turned toward love.
In the company of such a cloud of witnesses and lovers I draw on your strength anew,
praise your name with fervor,
extend your mercy and compassion beyond a reach I thought possible.
I turn toward love because it is the first step toward what is possible for a world in such desperate need of you.

Anne Fraley is rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in South Windsor, CT. A life-long dog-lover, she escapes the demands of parish life volunteering for animal rescue groups. She occasionally succeeds at reviving her blog at reverent irreverence. 

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