At the first church I served, the church administrator gave me a sign for my office door: “A clean desk is the sign of a messy mind.” Ahem. Yes, my desk is always always always messy. Let’s hope that means my mind is orderly, because it’s time to get a sermon in order.

image for preacher party
(Not my desk. My kitchen table). Photo by Monica Smith, 2019.

Preaching friends, what is on your pulpit this weekend? Revised Common Lectionary preachers have some direction and hints, and Narrative Lectionary preachers are back in the regular rotation, too. Likely you need a children’s sermon idea, ASAP. Share ideas here, ask for help, tell us your favorite procrastination technique, and let’s get the party started!


Monica Thompson Smith is a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, serving as stated supply pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Luling, TX. She is a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.

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18 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Messy Desk Edition

  1. I’m sticking with Luke, but instead of focusing on the “Lost and Found” theme in the parables, I’m more intrigued by the reason Jesus tells these stories in the first place. The Pharisees were grumbling about the way Jesus eats with sinners …. but the last place we saw Jesus sit down to a meal was at a Pharisee’s house! Do they not see the irony? Do we?

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  2. The United Church of Christ observes JUST PEACE SUNDAY this week. I used the Jeremiah reading.
    God’s people are not at peace
    God’s flora and fauna is not at peace
    God’s waters and all in it are not at peace
    God’s entire creation is not at peace…
    But there are glimmers of hope..
    Youth fighting for change
    Climate activists
    People helping people
    Churches doing anti racism work
    Glimmers of hope
    Let’s fan the fire before it is too late.


  3. Genesis 18, thinking about how we try and ‘help’ God. hope to finish soon as it is 9.30 pm on Saturday, and i need some sleep 🙂


  4. calling it done for tonight. i have a loooong introduction and about a half length sermon, hopefully enough to give people something to think about. Reflecting on the way we try ‘helping’ God rather than waiting and working with God.
    I have some triple choc brownie to share, the more you eat, the less i will 🙂


  5. I’m about to go out and conduct a wedding – it’s a sunny, blustery afternoon in the Scottish Borders for an outdoor wedding, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with this couple.
    I have a good start on the sermon – RCL, using the Luke, plus Psalm 51 – talking about forgiveness and the gift it is. title is Forgiven, Loved and Free – which is a line from one of the hymns we are singing… I have all the ideas still percolating, and will hopefully be able to get it finished in reasonable time, once I’m home again


  6. 1st draft done. I shocked myself by what came out from my typing. I had titled it “ Who & What are List or Missing.” I intended to speak to the lack of diversity… what emerged was the Capital C Church’s lost way, lost passion, lost vision- which
    leaves us with empty forms & no way to evangelize.
    I’ve been pondering the idea that our own lack of vital spiritual lives is what reaches those who are seeking. I see too many declining congregations who want to “grow” but are not growing their own souls….


    1. Well there are some provocative thoughts! I’m saving this passage for a parables sermon series beginning in a couple of weeks. I will be pondering this. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Our Fall Kick Off is tomorrow. I am totally revamping and changing the way we do communion for tomorrow. For anyone who has been at a Richard Rohr conference (i.e. CONSPIRE) they use long tables and people come forward and serve each other. We now have 16′ of tables in our center aisle ready for tomorrow. At this church the children are excused before communion is every served (it’s a long story with lots of reasons). I am doing communion during the children’s time. We will going on a “picnic” and they will set the table with red/white checked plates and glasses. I will have the children do communion first. (I know two or three of our kids will be gone…fingers crossed others will show.)

    Theme is Holy Soul Food and I am using just the part where the visitors come to Sarah and Abraham and they provide sustenance.

    The sermon will only be me making some very introductory remarks on the text. The women’s group is kicking off as well so they are highlighting their projects etc. We will have an update on our Solar Energy Panel project (we have had them for a year now). And our deacons will be introducing themselves. After each group I am briefly connecting that to Holy Soul Food…I hope.

    We will venture outside for the benediction and release white doves followed by ice cream and finger food.

    Here’s hoping no major snafu’s and that if that does happen…well…it happens. This a big stretch for this congregation.


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