Our readings this week remind us that we belong to God and all that we are and all that we have comes from God. That demands of us care and compassion for others and good stewardship of all God’s gifts.

You will find the RCL post from earlier in the week here and the NL post here.

In what direction are you taking these texts this week? There is plenty of choice – both in the texts and in our various contexts! We have plenty of material to work with.

Share, in the comments, what you’re being inspired to preach and what might help you bring it all together. Often someone’s insight shared is just the thing you need to spark connections and imagination. And, as always, if you have an idea for children’s time, or for creative intercession, we’d love to hear it as, together, we bring the word of God for the people of God.

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21 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Gift and responsibility.

  1. After struggling all week to start the sermon, the concept of walls is what I’ll preach. The wall surrounding Jerusalem, separating Jeremiah from his field (and the Babylonian army). The rich man’s wall (why else have a gate?) that kept Lazarus out of sight, out of mind and all the wealth inside. We’ll see how it all comes together…


  2. I’m way ahead in the lectionary, preaching on Zaccheus, whose name I cannot spell. Nor do I know what to say about him. I really need to get going soon, as we have grandparents coming for a 12 year old’s (eeks, 12!) birthday celebration this weekend.


    1. We are also doing Zacchaeus this week. I am at church camp where the service is led by camper groups, so I offered some commentary and ideas for creative sermons, but it is out of my hands. I will only preside at the table. My colleague is preaching Zacchaeus for real “down the hill” at the church and talking, I think, about vocation. –Wendy


  3. Last week, looking for inspiration for preaching on the dishonest manager, I encountered a few links to Zacchaeus – placing the financial reparation alongside the relational reparation, and Jesus cultivation of relationships with outcasts, demonstrating more than forgiveness – part of Luke’s overarching theme.
    I hope you get this done and enjoy the 12th birthday celebrations, Monica.


  4. no sermon to write tonight, as i have a lay preacher roistered for my last Sunday before 8 weeks long service and annual leave. The person leading prayers of intercession is not well, so i am filling in for her . now to convince my brain to write a prayer rather then a sermon. chocolate cherry slice is just out of the oven, .. .. .


  5. In the NL with Moses and I am using the section with the burning bush. I did a draft on Thursday but I am not sure it is preachable…still wrestling with a cold. Ugh! I am taking the curiosity route and for one in his life Moses didn’t run away…but took time to explore and ask questions.


  6. I’m doing pulpit supply tomorrow and they are using the special focus of Michael and All Angels along with a healing service. I’ve never preached on these texts before and I’ve been doing reading this week but haven’t started actually writing yet. I’m hopeful my outline will morph into a meaningful sermon shortly.


  7. Preaching for a friend tomorrow and leading
    a Mission Madness Worship. Focusing on 1
    Timothy and being “Rich in Good Works”
    not to secure our place in Heaven, because
    the grace of god in Christ has already done
    that, but because we are clothes and well
    fed. Will do part of the service in the sanctuary
    and finish with making gifts that can be
    given to local agencies for their clients’
    Christmas “shopping” extravaganza in the
    Fellowship Hall for the remainder of the
    service. Meditation is written which shares
    about the agencies and the people who
    started them, giving generously from their
    own blessings, and all supplies are gathered.
    Next up: wedding. Tomorrow afternoon, I
    collapse on the couch. Haven’t felt well all
    week. Bride, who is an NP, dx wasn’t
    encouraging. 😛 Prayers appreciated to hold
    me up today and tomorrow.


  8. Preaching for the first time in a few weeks in a church I serve part-time, just not usually on weekends. I using the Rich Man and Lazarus. Focusing on the point being that we are to see those around us, particularly those who are struggling, and offer whatever help we can. Now to flesh it out, so to speak.


  9. Tomorrow will be my final day before retirement, and I’m still torn about whether to preach the mostly-done lectionary sermon or just say goodbye.


  10. After tossing around uninspiring possibilities all week, this morning I listened to Pray As You Go, on psalm 146, and later read Richard Rohr’s meditation from yesterday, and it started to gel around seeing, letting go of self-concern, and what is required to be truly alive. Haven’t started writing yet but think it will work. Husband is making strawberry-peach shortcake (with scones) and we have extra to share.

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  11. Preaching on Lazarus and the rich man, tough text. I’m going to focus on the idea of seeing one another and how the assumptions we have about one another and the way we categorize each other get in the way so that even in Hades, the rich man cannot see Lazarus as an equal and still just ‘sees’ him as an errand boy. But God sees differently. Its no accident that in this story, Lazarus in his poverty has a name, but the rich man is only described by his wealth. The thing that he thinks brings him status really just hides his identity.

    Still working on the details, but I am planning to start with babies and how they learn to see and make sense of the world and how the ability to categorize (that’s a tree, that’s a face) helps them (and us) not be completely overwhelmed by the information they take in, but then, that same categorization gets us into trouble when we use it to label people (poor, wealthy, etc.) and don’t look beyond the labels.

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  12. Shannon, that sounds like a helpful direction to take. Our labelling begins so early and we have to be attentive to be different and to see others differently. Thank you


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