Andrew is supervising the sermon-writing. You can tell he means business!

Somehow, it’s already Saturday. Or for some among us, it’s already Saturday night. Sunday’s coming, friends, whether we are ready or not!

Whether you are working on what it means to have faith the size of a mustard seed (RCL commentary is here), or the Ten Commandments and the idea of teaching the next generations to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength (NL commentary is here), World Communion Sunday, a baptism like I have going on, or something else, you are welcome at this party!

Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and let the ideas flow and bounce around this community and trust that God’s word never returns empty-handed. I have a “Soup Saturday” at church later so I’ll be sure to grab the leftovers to share here, for those in need of a little warm pick-me-up at lunch time. Let’s get sermonising!

Rev. Teri Peterson is a minister in the Church of Scotland, and October is the month she celebrates many things, including an ordiversary and a birthday. She is co-author of Who’s Got Time: Spirituality for a busy generation (Chalice Press 2013), a board member of RevGalBlogPals, and “mum” to Andrew, the cat who rules the manse.

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19 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: acting on faith

  1. Habakkuk is the scripture that spoke to me this week. How long oh Lord? is what are farmers are saying. When will the rain end so we can harvest our crops? Many feel the pain of political actions and ask how long before this madness stops? How long oh Lord is timeless.


  2. We’re embarking on a six week series on the parables, as well as a Bible study, based on Amy-Jill Levine’s “Short Stories by Jesus.” First up is the lost things: sheep, coin, son(s). By the time we read all of Luke 15 and have World Communion, I expect my sermon can be about half-length. It’s pretty well there in my head, but it needs to get on paper.


      1. Me too, and when I included it as a suggestion for our next study (along with two other worthy possibilities), my people were all over it. I love them.


  3. I’ve got Deuteronomy 6 in the Narrative Lectionary (covered Deut 5 this summer). And the new Avett Brothers album is saving my sermon. The song, We Americans, is a gut punch. The lyrics have me looking at the story the Deuteronomist is telling the people, and wanting the people to tell themselves. And I think in the US, we need to attend to the story we tell about ourselves.
    I am a son of uncle Sam
    And I struggle to understand the good and evil
    But I’m doing the best I can
    In a place built on stolen land with stolen people
    We are more than the sum of our parts
    All these broken homes and broken hearts
    God, will you keep us wherever we go?
    Will you forgive us for where we’ve been?
    We Americans


  4. Another Sunday with lots of extra’s (stewardship kick-off, Peace and Global Witness Offering PCUSA, Worldwide Communion, and we are in the NL) so I am down to ultra-short meditation. I ended up doing a rift on the Holy Tens: The original Holy Ten, the Holy Ten of The Shema (Deuteronomy passage), the Holy Ten of Generosity.

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  5. My colleague is gone twice this month, and I am part time enough to preach only one of them, so we are doing a World Communion service with global songs and prayers for the world. My communion partner is a retired Spanish-language pastor, so we are using some of the bilingual service from the new PCUSA Book of Common Worship; he will do his parts in Spanish and I will do mine in English. I’m pleased with the feel of the service but anxious because for various reasons many people will be gone (there’s a big cancer walk, folks are traveling, people don’t come when the pastor is gone, it’s soccer season, etc.) and I’m asking people to sing. We’ll see. I also plan to hand out rhythm instruments during the time with the children. So no matter what that should be fun.
    So now I just need to write the prayers. –Wendy


  6. I have potato leek soup that is delicious….and we need it over here today as it’s grey and windy!
    I also have Deuteronomy 5 and 6…and a baptism. We don’t do world communion (it turns out that’s a bit like the World Series—mostly an American thing), so I don’t have to work those together…just baptism and commandments and shema, which doesn’t sound like it should be difficult on the surface. I just haven’t actually written anything yet, and because of the baptism I won’t have as much time as I would like, so I’m going to have to decide on just one section to focus on because if I said everything I wanted to say about the commandments/shema (a temptation as there will be around 55 guests there for the baptism who aren’t normally churchgoers!), we’d be there all day. Lol. So….I probably won’t start writing until later in the evening because I need to decide on what trail to follow. I may look for inspiration in a novel for a bit, and then have dinner and watch Strictly Come Dancing, and then write…so I’ll be here for a while!


  7. We are doing World Communion with the four other mainline churches in town. I, am not going to be there, though, as I am on sabbatical and will be worshiping in Madrid with a group put together by the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana and the United Thank Offering.

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  8. No sermon! Oh great joy, since last Sunday, after struggling all night to make it unobjectionable, 2 people are leaving the church (out of 15) after walking out during the sermon and I’m getting push back from all over for driving them away with “political” preaching. (How do you preach last Sunday’s complementary lectionary without being “political”?) However, when I used my spiritual direction “technique” to encourage one of the departing couple to go deeper, it was clear that the problem is that they weren’t feeling connected with the congregation, which I’m well aware of–there is no road to connection–not even coffee fellowship–and the congregation won’t recognize the lack.
    However, tomorrow is going to be awesome! We’re coming together for worship with the Hispanic Pentecostal congregation that rents our building (spending more time in it than we do). The service will be entirely bilingual, with hymns and chants sung in both languages at once, responsive psalms weaving English and Spanish together with translations on the side, and it’s been awesome to work with their amazing (female) pastor and her English-fluent assistant. The three of us are working like true sisters in Christ. I’ve warned “my” people that the service won’t be familiar to them, but neither will it be familiar to the other congregation. Potluck follows, and the Hispanic congregation always bring fabulous food, including pupusas made right on site on their big grill .
    Then I have 10 days off, including 3 days with family at a mini-reunion, and a 5-day contemplative retreat with the Shalem Institute. We’ll see what’s going on after that.


      1. Well, it was rough, and half my congregation was absent. My chief complainer thought it was awful? But at least two, including complainer’s best friend, thought it was wonderful, things always seem so much smoother in my head.


  9. I am behind in the NL because I did Season of Creation. We are looking at Jacob and my theme seems to be how God uses imperfect people and can transform us. Not very original but am hoping to work that into God can use us to build the reign of God. It’s not my best sermon but it seems to be the message at least I needed to hear. (Working on not being in control and being okay with that.) And I get to include Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God, singing v. 1 in English, then Spanish, then v.2 in English. That will move a couple of people and thoroughly annoy others. But it’s World Communion Sunday and most of the grumpy folk will shrug it off because of that.


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