On this last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, are you happy to soon be moving on from Luke’s gospel if you’re a Revised Common Lectionary Preacher? Are you preaching the Reign of Christ before you do that?

If you’re following the Narrative Lectionary, are you preaching reform and prophetic lament? And are you already wondering how texts we’re not used to at this time of year are going to fit into your Advent programme?

Does this Sunday feel like the last piece of normal before Advent crashes in?

Wherever your preaching mojo is focussed this week, we’d love to hear about it. Please share wherever you’re going with whatever texts you’re using. Let us know about any particular traditions you are observing in the lead up to Advent. And feel free to ask for inspiration for the elements of worship that aren’t quite nailed yet. Posts from earlier in the week, on Narrative Lectionary and Revised Common Lectionary may also help you bring things together.

Let’s get this party started!


Rev Liz Crumlish is a Presbyterian minister living on the west coast of Scotland. She is a member of the RevGalBlogPals Board, writes for Spill the Beans, blogs at Journalling and contributed to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.


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16 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party:Next up: Advent

  1. I’m in Jeremiah, talking about shepherd-leaders. I don’t know any more than that right now. Preaching in my home congregation. This Sunday will complete my commitment to myself/God to preach the OT through the lectionary whenever I had the chance. Ready to move to the gospels, but first, Reign of Christ Sunday.


    1. Julie, well done on honouring that commitment. There’s a lot of implicit criticism around just now about churches being more full of shepherd leaders than any others – like prophets, apostles, evangelists – so some affirmation I’m sure won’t go amiss!


  2. I’m just back on the RCL once more after a good time away from it. Decided to use the other Luke reading as an alternative to Jeremiah – so, both Luke readings. I’m thinking of riffing on old and new/ beginnings and endings. Ending the tired, old ways we look at power/ success/ gauge who or what is important, and beginning afresh and seeing, with Christ’s eyes, that true power is found in being prepared to let it go – in vulnerability, etc. Thinking too, of playing about with the word ‘fear’ re. fearing God – and reclaiming it from the negative, and going for awe or reverence.


  3. Hi, preachers! I’m working on a Reign of Christ sermon for the first time in quite a few years. I’m also readying the first entry for the lectionary email I will start sending out on Mondays, so my brain is torn between Luke 23 and Matthew 24, and I have to keep saying to myself, “Tomorrow is Reign of Christ. Tomorrow is Reign of Christ. Tomorrow is …” This has been going on all week, since the admin at the church where I am supplying for the rest of the year asked for the Advent 1 bulletin early.

    Reign of Christ is strange in the US because our church people know more about Disney princesses than kings. I’ll be talking about how Jesus was not a king in the sense people knew them in his time and how language around his reign influences what I hope a leader will be.

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  4. In the NL here, so I have the complicated business of Josiah…and also a baptism with 100 guests expected. So not much time to work with, and a lot of people unfamiliar with the arc of the narrative, and probably 99.9% of the congregation will never have heard the story before. No pressure then….just make sense of something that seems irrelevant, connect it to baptism, and do it in 800 words. Ha!

    I suppose I should get started on that.

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  5. It’s a little after 3pm here, and I just finished leading a funeral. Started work on tomorrow’s sermon early in the week (while writing the RCL post!) but have mostly focused on the funeral since then. Planning on preaching tomorrow about the kind of reign we can expect when Christ is in charge, but there’s plenty of finessing yet to do! Suggestions welcome 🙂


    1. Katya, thanks for your RCL post earlier in the week. It got me off to a good start even though, today I took a completely different direction! That happens but I needed a start.
      I hope you can get back into what was flowing for you. I can only think in terms of what we wouldn’t have in the Reign of Christ – pretty much the antithesis of everything we have now. Wish I could be more positive…

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  6. Anyone still writing? I’ve got a good draft on reflecting on the year that’s past and looking forward to the year to come, always hoping that the coming year will more closely reflect the reign of Christ. Still some editing, but I appreciate all the inspiration shared here and among other colleague groups! Happy preaching, all 🙂


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