I walked out the door today and the wind absolutely clobbered me, clobbered me in that out of control windy-wind, secure the lawn ornaments and strap the children to your body kinda way, where it blows your hair in front of your face with such relentless force and movement and power that your whole face is blocked behind an ever-moving, world-sucking, life threatening, impenetrable hair nest, and cannot see where you are going, and you kinda can’t breathe, and you cannot get the wild hair nest out of your face (or your throat) unless you turn your whole body, into the wind, toward the force, so the wind will, yes, blow directly into your face, with all its full power, but it blows the nest over your shoulders, and frees your vision to see ahead, it seems somehow to be all up in your face, but also working with you.
Yeah, so, I’m thankful that sometimes you send holy winds just like that. We could use one of those now. (We could use a few of those.) Bless us always with the courage to turn our faces right into your wildest breezes.

Rev. Erin Counihan serves as Pastor at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO.


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