Somehow it is the second Sunday of Advent. In churches everywhere, laypeople will be staring at the wreath wondering which candle they are supposed to light….it’s still not pink yet. Keep waiting for another week and stick to the purple/blue, friends!

Whether you are in the RCL pondering John the Baptist or the shoot from the stump of Jesse, or the NL with Isaiah and the preparation of the wilderness, or an Advent/Christmas sermon series, this is your place to join in the last-minute preparations.

We are ready to hear ideas, half-formed sentences, children’s sermon plans, and the things inspiring you today. Come and share the poems, music, thoughts, commentaries, or even whole sermons if you’re at that point!

I’ll have the Christmas sweets ready on hand…chocolate angels anyone? They’re good for luring the sermon fairy to visit! 🙂

Teri Peterson is a minister in the Church of Scotland, living in the most gorgeous place that she can’t currently see because there are only 6 hours of daylight. She serves on the Board of RevGalBlogPals, as “mom” to high-maintenance cat Andrew, and minister to a fantastic parish.

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21 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: the second candle is still not pink

  1. Chocolate angels! I’m going to make at least two loaves of chocolate pumpkin bread. I’m sure there will be some to share.
    I’m looking into “the way.” Is it for the Lord to walk on, or for people who seek him? What does it mean to prepare the way then and today, for a congregation surrounded by “nones” and “dones”? Does it require something different from 30 years ago?

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  2. Teri, I love the sound of chocolate angels, i need all the help i can get this week. for some reason no inspiration on Isaiah yet. but it will come, always does.
    but first a 100th birthday party this afternoon [Saturday]

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  3. it is 9.30 pm on Saturday night, and i have half a sermon. Preaching on Isaiah 40 and because i chose the gospel most weeks when i preached through the RCL, i have not preached on this passage before. O well, see if i scrape a few more hundred words together.

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  4. so…RCL with the focus on the OT – using Spill the Beans which has at least given me a starting point.
    With the kids I’m asking the question, where is baby Jesus – we are gong to put all the figures into the crib, except the baby Jesus. I have photos of all my nativity scenes, and taking those baby Jesuses along too!
    Finishing with the baby is coming… he brings peace (that’s the StB focus)
    For the adults I have visual aids of sculptures made from weapons – a gun tree and the knife angel – and talking about what it would look like to really make our spears into pruning hooks.
    It feels like it’s the same theme repeated several weeks in a row – the “spears into…” or variations have been in the readings several times since Remembrance.

    I have the makings of sweet potato soup
    I also have many mince pies

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    1. The children in my congregation placed all the figures (except Baby Jesus) in the stable as part of Hanging the Green last Sunday, so they may be surprised to find that the wise guys and camels have moved as far away as possible, and Mary, Joseph, and the-donkey-with-one-ear are perched on the organ console this Sunday! I will invite them to move M&J a little closer to the manger. They all know that the first child to arrive on Christmas Eve gets to put Jesus in the manger, so their parents are on alert to get to church on time! Love mince pies – thank you for sharing!


  5. I’m trying to work up a short sermonette on the Is. 11 passage. So far, I’m drawn to consider how the image of a humble, thought to be dead, stump gives way to a grounded, earthy new beginning. And, how from that new life we get a new image of the earth “full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Where, in years past, the shoot image has most stirred me, this year it is this image of waters covering the sea that has caught me… sometimes waters are calm, sometimes raging… deeper than we’ve yet to explore… we will be fully immersed, bathed and baptized into this deeper knowing of God.

    I’m also looking at the ways this passage brings us to the second Adam… to righting the wrongs of the fall. A new tree, a desire to act faithfully and delight in awe of God. Making decisions not by what is seen and heard (as Eve and Adam did), but with righteousness and regard for the poor. The new and peaceful garden, here, is for all creation. What might it mean that the only human image here is of children? I’m wrestling through some commentary I read about how both predator and prey have to be changed for the peaceable kingdom to exist… if there exists in me both wolf and lamb, how can I help them lay down together? Can I tame anger to become a righteous strength and have courage/trust to explore meekness?
    So yeah, it’s all currently still jumbled and disconnected. Pray I can bring it together for a meaningful 7 minutes.


    1. You’re right; the “as the waters cover the sea” has never grabbed me before either, but I like your thoughts and musings about it. Thanks!


  6. I am going to build off of the idea of imagining that begins in the Isaiah reading, imagine the world as God desires…but I will begin by asking people to imagine themselves into the Gospel reading first as one of the bystanders listening to John, then as one of the leaders listening to John, and then as John himself (working preacher idea). In each of the three I will talk about what I see, hear, smell, feel and I will ask the congregation to add in from their perspective. I will describe this as Ignatian Bible reflection and refer to our Advent book by Carol Howard Merritt, “I Am Mary”…and all of this will link back to Isaiah and maybe Romans, to help us look at the work we are being called to do we as we build a Partnership in Faith with an Arabic speaking congregation that is now sharing the building with us. I will talk about how this partnership is God’s vision for us in this day and time, and how we are being called to embrace our diversity as well as work toward harmony/unity but not conformity (Romans).All of this I will do without a manuscript, just my notes and my prepared thoughts. Or at least that is plan.

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    1. We played last week (I’m off lectionary and preached John the Baptist last week) with both being John vs. being a disciple of John.


  7. I am on board with chocolate angels!
    Tomorrow is my fourth Sunday with a congregation where I will be supplying until January 5th. It feels like a good test of whether I really miss preaching enough to want to be in a church on a more regular basis. Since the opportunity came at short notice and while I am pretty busy with other things, I’m grateful to have resources from the past to consult and use. I will be preaching on John the Baptist with some reference to Isaiah, and leaning on a sustainable sermon about repentance. I love Advent, so it’s a great season in which to be leading worship.

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  8. I preached the first part of Isaiah a few weeks ago in the NL. I am switching back to RCL and it’s all Isaiah for Advent. A brief recap of the first verses and then shifting to focus on the “peaceable” kingdom image painted. Stay full on wonder is the sermon title and using the wonder of children. I am actually showing a trailer clip for the New Star wars movie (no spoilers) to tie it all together (I hope.)


  9. I’m with Isaiah, and The Empire Strikes Back. I’ve got 2/3 of a sermon. If the rest doesn’t show up, I’ll just wear the Vader mask and give ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle.

    This is also my first Christmas season since I’ve stopped eating sugar. I need to find new holiday traditions, because I’m losing many of them without sugar.


  10. As I looked through my files, I found Mary Luti’s lovely Christmas hymn and now my sermon on repentance is about ‘making room.’ Here is Mary’s hymn, if you need some inspiration –
    Getting ready to go watch our young neighbor dance in her first “Nutcracker” this afternoon, so I am glad to have the sermon finished!


  11. Hello, partiers! Teri and I are cooperatively hosting this week and next, so I’m checking in. We’re doing a series on “Hidden Figures” of Advent, and this week is Matthew’s genealogy. I have so much to tell them that I’m not sure where to start, and not sure what my direction is exactly.

    We’ve had an eventful week, with our nine year old having oral surgery on Thursday. Thankfully, my mom has come to help and is currently making spaghetti for our supper. We’re happy to share. The noodles will be well done, because the surgery patient is supposed to be eating soft food still.


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