Are you observing Epiphany? Or the Second Sunday of Christmas? Or something else, moving into the new year? Revised Common Lectionary (including both Epiphany and Christmas 2) and Narrative Lectionary posts are available for inspiration.

(Have you found the Wandering Wisemen on facebook yet?)

Here is the place to offer and ask for help, on sermons, children’s moments, prayers, or any other conundrum that might hit you at the 11th hour (Which snack is best for sermon preparation? What procrastinatory activities are most productive?)

Peace be with you, preaching friends.



Monica Thompson Smith is a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, serving as stated supply pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Luling, TX. She is a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.


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17 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: An Epiphany!

  1. 8 pm Saturday evening, time to write the sermon on Matthew 2. it is our monthly communion service and i have a 3 minute video Christmas message from our state denominational leader. i kept it for this week because it focuses on the Matthew reading. Also including some time to reflect on the year past and the New Year. so from my calculations i have about 4 minutes for a sermon. I can go a little over the hour, but with two services i need to be brief in preaching tomorrow.
    All this with the backdrop of major fires across three states.
    today has been 44 C [111 F] where i am on the coast, with a forecast of 24 C [75 F] tomorrow. The southerly change that will bring cooler temps tomorrow are making the fire situation more dangerous in many places.


    1. and due to the bushfires across the state, we are being asked to minimise electricity usage, as some major electricity infrastructure has been damaged in the fires. I ma hoping the power stays on so i can finish the sermon and keep the cooling on. the southerly change is not due until after midnight.


  2. I love the Wandering Wisemen on FB.
    Isaiah and Arise your Light has come. Starwords for kids and adults alike during the Children’s time. Starting the sermon time with a having them list everything the church has done this year (on a whiteboard)…then I wipe it clean…and say, “What are we going to do this year that was not on last year’s list.” Tagging that back to Isaiah and the work that needed to be done in the temple and Jerusalem upon return as it was in tatters. Hoping to jump start some imagination and get out of the rut…what did we do last time.


  3. My sermon is printed. Star Words are ready. I’m leaving Narrative for a week to do the Matthew passage.
    Anyone want a slightly wilted poinsettia? FREE to a good home. I just cleared a bunch of them out of the sanctuary.

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  4. Second Sunday of Christmas for me (John’s prologue) and thought I’d preach on “grace upon grace” but stayed with v. 1-3 instead and what it means that the Word has been and is with us, following a thread from Feasting on the Word commentary.


  5. I’m also doing Epiphany, since the church where I am supplying had chosen all “three kings” hymns for this Sunday. I’m going to bring them Star Words (thanks to kathrynzj’s church!) and talk about the difference between learning to read a map vs. just putting the destination into our GPS. I’m having trouble landing it today, and I think that’s a reflection of how tired I am after 10 days of house guests, all beloved, but still. Tired.


  6. Not doing the wisemen thing this year. Instead I’m using materials from The Epiphany Project. This year’s theme is Why Church? and follows the Narrative Lectionary – Gospel of Mark. January 5 The Church is about Restoration.


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