Reading through the blogs in our RevGalBlogPals community is like visiting with friends.

This week, we take a ride with Kim at Sandpiper’s Thoughts and adjust our Expectations.

I was riding the elevator this afternoon.  There are expectations about elevator protocol, aren’t there?  Are you like me, and I suspect like many other people, who expect that when there are a few people in the elevator, we all spread out in the available space so that no one is too close to someone else? 

We see the latest in Jeff’s blackout poetry series, Come Home to Emotion, He writes,

We deny ourselves so much if we always choose the “sensible” over creativity.

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We visit the art museum with Beth at House of Grace as she considers the cross as Loving Reach:

The cross is Love reaching out.
Love reaching out in the midst of suffering and when surrounded by anger and hate.
Love reaching out in the midst of hunger and thirst.
Love reaching out in the midst of fear and loneliness.
Love reaching out in the midst of meals shared.
Love reaching out in the midst of friends and strangers and enemies.

We go to church with Erin Robinson Hall, who reflects on the gift of risking disruptions, in That Little Voice:

For this particular, no-seat-left-in-the-house kind of service, I wanted to maintain some level of chill. Since I knew the liturgy by heart, we waited until the organ prelude had quieted and my Pastor/Husband Jake began the invocation. He bowed his head, and in we walked. Quiet reverence covered the whole sanctuary. And then.

My three year old looked up and saw WHO was giving the prayer. Even though Jake did not look up. This sweet little boy pointed and exclaimed in a shout, “Daddy! That’s my Daddy!!”

Thank you for inviting us into your contemplative moments and creative spaces! I write this a bit wistfully, as this is my last Friday Festival visit with you. Wendy Long Lamb will take over beginning in February. It’s been a gift to read your words and visit your corners of the world over the years. Blessings to all the RevGalBlogPals!

Martha Spong is a UCC pastor and a clergy coach and will finish her time as Executive Director of RevGalBlogPals on January 31. She is editor of the newly published The Words of Her Mouth: Psalms for the Struggle and There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, both featuring writers from the RevGalBlogPals community, as well as coauthor of Denial is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith) with RevGal friend and colleague Rachel Hackenberg.

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