trees-918672_1920This week has been an especially difficult one for me. I have watched the world – and people – around me swing wildly from madness to cruelty and back again. I have struggled and failed to keep from getting caught up in the craziness. As I began reading blogs this week, I realized that I was hoping for something that would help me restore my perspective to a healthier setting.

In her blog Saint Sinner Seeker, Deb Mechler captures what I imagine to be God’s sorrow for our world that repeatedly fails to receive or appreciate divine love. “He never said, ‘Be safe.’ He saw what they did with the life-giving Law, its walls now closing in on souls meant to roam free.”

Julie Klock’s blog Water-Wings brings us this reflection on how we get stuck in our own thinking. “Yesterday, as I shook some salt out on my driveway, I thought about how sometimes people get frozen in the waters of their faith too. They claim that they embrace the gospel of Jesus, but they are harsh and cold and inflexible: hardened, like ice.”

Kelly Brill writes in her blog The Fourth Commandment of the perspective-resetting gift of time spend in a silent retreat. “It’s cliché, but true: silence clears out the clutter and helps you listen to yourself, to your own heart/mind/soul. Silence helps you pay attention to what God has been trying to say to you.”

Stephanie Anthony received an unexpected invitation to be a guest at the (US) National Prayer Breakfast. In posts on her blog For Some Reason, she reflects on the “spiritual and emotional whiplash” she felt on her quick visit to Washington D.C. “Dr. [Arthur] Brooks asked for a show of hands of everyone who was in a relationship with someone they love, either friend or family, with whom they disagree politically… ‘If this is not true for you, you live in an echo chamber.’”

In her blog Consider the Lilies, Kimberly King shares a photograph and a reflection on the beauty of a sunrise that offers a new beginning. “For just a moment, the murmuring hum of bustle and blessing gathered into an appreciative sigh and an acknowledging nod toward the radiant Becoming laid out before us.”

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Barbara Bruneau is a retired Lutheran pastor, living in southeastern Minnesota. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An Explosion of Texture and Color.

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