On the cusp of the day we are poised to live into a world that beckons.
Will today hold an opportunity for contemplation?
Will a moment of poignant connection draw us more deeply into the divine heart?
Perhaps young hands will clamor to lead us into playfulness, to being consumed by the world of a four-year old’s imagination and possibility.
Is this a day of summoning courage to speak a necessary truth, or lend a humble ear? To be inspired to take a risk or discern a new direction?
Will today invite us to step up the pace, or maybe to slow down–perhaps compose a rhythm that sways between the two?
Is this a day that will stretch out like an empty beach awaiting the imprint of our steps and our being?
Maybe this is the day to say goodbye, to let go, to prepare us to turn toward welcome and embrace.
As we respond to what beckons today may we find grace to shed tears, laugh out loud, take deep breaths, sing with abandon, pause because we can, and love deeply into a world eager to be loved.
On the cusp of this day may we run wild with the possibilities that await, and rejoice with the Spirit of becoming. Amen.

Anne Fraley is rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in South Windsor, CT. A life-long dog-lover, she escapes the demands of parish life volunteering for animal rescue groups. She occasionally succeeds at reviving her blog at reverent irreverence. 

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