I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and, as such, prayed The Stations Of The Cross fairly regularly, but especially during Lent. In the Presbyterian Church in Canada, we don’t really follow them, partly because some of what is in them isn’t – strictly speaking – in Scripture. And you know what we are like about the three SOLAs, one of which is Scripture. However, a few years ago, one of my professors mentioned that she was planning to re-write the Stations, with Scripture references. I am still waiting for this. Until it comes, I will – on occasion – pray the Stations. I will use Joan Chittister’s book The Way of the Cross, which is beautifully illustrated by Janet McKenzie.

Here, I will list the fourteen stations for you, just in case you don’t know them.

(1) Jesus is condemned to death.                                                                                             (2) Jesus accepts the cross.                                                                                                        (3) Jesus falls the first time.                                                                                                      (4) Jesus meets His Mother.                                                                                                      (5) Simon of Cyrene carries the cross.                                                                                    (6) Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.                                                                                       (7) Jesus falls the second time.                                                                                                 (8) Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.                                                                              (9) Jesus falls the third time.                                                                                                   (10) Jesus is stripped of His garments.                                                                                 (11) Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross.                                                                             (12) Jesus dies on the cross.                                                                                                       (13) Jesus’ body is removed from the cross.                                                                           (14) Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Janet added a fifteenth station – The Resurrection. To see all of her images, please click on the link. (Note, I am not trying to sell them, but I thought that this was the easiest way to have you see them all.)


If you have the images, you can do a visio divina with the Stations, reminding yourself of that last earthly journey of Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ,

As we walk with you

On this journey to the cross

As you accompany us

On our journey to another cross

May we help each other

On the way

Just as Simon helped you

May we wipe your face

And each other’s faces

As Veronica wiped the sweat and blood from yours

May you comfort us

Just as you comforted the weeping women

Whose names we do not know

May we divest ourselves

Of earthly things

As you were divested of your garments

And in the end

May we die with you

And rise in glory





Katherine Burgess was one of the contributors to A Child Laughs: Prayers of Justice and Hope. She also co-wrote a book of daily prayers with Neal Mathers. She is a second-career minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and serves two congregations in Québec. She believes that customs from many denominations can be used to help us on our journey.

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