Whether you are waving palm branches from your front door, or waving the palms of your hands from your window, or colouring your paper palms for a virtual parade, you are welcome here!

Share your ideas, your half-finished phrases, your hopes for this festival day like no other.

I’ve got a nice stash of Percy PigsPercy Pigs to make our quarantine sermonising more bearable. Help yourselves…

Teri Peterson is a minister in the Church of Scotland. She lives along the beautiful Firth of Clyde, with Andrew the cat who recently revealed himself to be a might hungry. She is co-author of Who’s Got Time: spirituality for a busy generation, a board member of RevGalBlogPals, and a contributor to There’s A Woman in the Pulpit.

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14 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: waving palms

  1. Will be livestreaming from my home for the first time. Tried to arrange my dining room backdrop so it’s not too embarrassing. My sermon is more prophetic than pastoral this week. I am thinking about Jesus’entry into Jerusalem as a protest march and comparing it to the march from Selma to Montgomery that ended in a bloody confrontation on Edmund Pettus bridge. I ask which march we want to be part of Jesus’protest March or Pilate’s triumphal entry? The Eastbound march of state troopers or the Westbound marchers protesting a lack of voting rights? I’m Do we want to be part of the inbreaking of the kingdom of God watching the donkey at the head of a parade or prostrate ourselves before Pilate’s warhorse? Also talking about how Hosanna means Save Us and is different from Alleluia. Prayers to all. I will miss the children’s procession.

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  2. My sermon theme is “borrowing,” sparked by someone else’s beautiful post I cannot now find. The idea is that Jesus relied on borrowing: a borrowed colt, the clothing lent to soften his rough entry into Jerusalem, the branches borrowed from palm trees along the way, that borrowed upper room, the Passover elements borrowed for a purpose beyond their original intent…and, indeed, his very body, a borrowed human form. Limited to our homes, we borrow his holiness, and our home becomes a sanctuary…and he borrows us, to share the promises of healing and hope and new life. (I WISH I could find the post that inspired this, and would welcome any pointers toward its source!)
    For children’s time, I’m going to do a video clip of me planting and watering an Amaryllis bulb given to me by a church member at Christmas-time. (Somehow, I felt like waiting to plant it, and now I know why.) I’ll talk about Jesus in the garden, feeling sad and worried, and how hard it is to wait for good things when we’re feeling bad. My plan is to check on that plant each week in our worship video, so that long after our isolated DAY of Easter has passed, we will still watching for new life together and looking forward to celebrating the full bloom of the Resurrection news.
    I’ll be rounding out the service using Maren Tirabassi’s at-home Communion (Posted on her blog, “Gifts In Open Hands”).

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    1. I was just going to point you to Tirabassi for the “borrowed” theme in her communion liturgy, but I see you are already there. Might that be what sparked your thinking? –Wendy


      1. Well, in retrospect, that must be it! I think I had it confused with another piece I read, in essay form, but Maren’s piece must have, indeed, been the starting spark.

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  3. I preached Palm Sunday on Lent 1 as we were following Amy Jill Levine’s book Entering the Passion of Jesus. Tomorrow, I’ll start with Palms and show a short clip of the people gathering last year with our palms…that the processional. Using the Matthew PS text and then moving to Jesus in the garden and prayer. Mostly the sermon is about prayer. Using a bit from Anne Lamont’s book Help, Thanks, Wow and Padraig O’Touma.

    I record to phone and then post on the church You Tube Channel. I have no idea how to add additional video footage to that. So, I do a total transcript on my blog to include the additional videos. Today, we will see if OZ makes an appearance during the sermon or not.


    1. I suspect we could all use more pondering about prayer just now.
      Also, I loved that book, we used the Lent study last year but didn’t follow it in worship. I hope it’s been a good one for you all!


  4. I am looking at the present tense of Palm Sunday, crtjng out in iting Jesus to enter into our hearts, homes snd lives, crying out to be sVed from our present crisis and linging to know God’spresencein the midst of our anguish. I’ve made felt palms in a traditional look and also made a rainbow of hand palms. Folks are putting up rainbows in their windows for an “I spy”/ we are sll in this together message. Still ironing out the eording and flow, but that’s where I’m heading this year.


  5. Just beginning, but thinking of how procession is more like pilgrimage than parade. A parade is people from the community celebrating their community. But Matthew shines a light on how Jesus comes in from outside, from the country. The city-dwellers “Who is this” is a way of saying “You’re not from around here, are you?” Pilgrimage is similar—we leave home to go to where other people have their homes. We’re not from around here. Pandemic has all of us, ironically while we stay in our homes—in an alien, unfamiliar place. We’re not from around this place of pandemic. It’s a new opportunity both to feel what it’s like to be an alien, and to learn anew that where God is, is home.

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  6. I am preaching about Jesus leading on in the midst of a shaken world. A note from Pulpit Fiction was that Herod was shaken by the birth of the Messiah, the world was shaken (the word for “in turmoil’) when Jesus enters Jerusalem, and then again after his death on the cross. I preach short already and my draft is shorter than usual, but that may be ok.

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  7. I’m sooooooooo tired this evening that all I can do is read and re read the Scripture passage for tomorrow’s sermon. Praying ferverently that the HS shows up very early tomorrow morning when I get up before the birds and put some thoughts on paper. I’m technologied out! Peace, prayers and blessings to all of you who are preaching and pastoring in these unusual and somewhat surreal times.


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