B6C2FDFB-9173-43CA-8B20-41B17B094D47The picture is a wonderful reminder of a blessed time right after Easter one year when I travelled from my home in Scotland to Virginia to hang out out with another clergy friend. We talked, we laughed, we cried, we talked some more. It felt like walking the Emmaus Road, Jesus by our side, sharing all the highs and lows of life as we experienced it and finding, in the sharing, sense making.

This year, I imagined the Emmaus Road differently here.  The RCL takes us to the Emmaus Road this week, while the NL is with Peter and John healing in Acts.

I’m interested in all the ways we are reaching out in our different contexts,  using online worship, newsletters, podcasts and inspirational videos… I’d love to hear how you are engaging where you are and what your experience is of bringing a word from Lockdown. Are the lectionaries/seasons helping? The RCL and NL posts from earlier in the week may be helpful.

Please share, in the comments how you are engaging, what you’re finding helpful and where, in particular, you are finding sustenance in this season of Resurrection.

Rev Liz Crumlish is a Presbyterian minister living on the west coast of Scotland. She is a member of the RevGalBlogPals Board, writes for Spill the Beans, blogs at Journalling and contributed to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit ********************************************************************************

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15 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: All in with the Risen Christ

  1. I’ve left the lectionaries and am doing a series on resurrection appearances until ascension. This week is John 20 and Thomas. I’m sure the sermon will show up in time, right?


  2. We had Youth Sunday scheduled for today and, serendipitously, had already spent 2 youth group meetings working on it (getting ahead because of upcoming staggered spring breaks and Easter), so we had a theme, some music chosen, and most of the essential liturgy (which is all the liturgy we’re doing these days). I met with the youth via Zoom, and they agreed to move forward with it. We assigned the sections, and they have recorded themselves and uploaded their recordings. Yesterday and today I have spent hours (hours!) piecing it together. I’m learning a lot. I’m glad the students were game. They’ve done a good job and I think folks will appreciate it. The young preacher asks, “the disciples saw Jesus in the breaking of the bread, where are you seeing Jesus?”

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  3. I’m sticking with Acts between now and Pentecost, both for preaching and our Bible Study (using Matthew Skinner’s new book and videos for that). I was caught by the phrase in v. 49, that the promise is for you, your children, and all who are far away. So (since I now have video capabilities, which I do not in the sanctuary) I’m going to use a clip from old-school Sesame street, of Grover teaching “near” and “far.”

    And that’s all I’ve got. But it’s only Friday night here, I don’t record anything, and we’ll meet up via zoom at our usual time on Sunday morning.


  4. Like Marci, I’m also doing resurrection appearances, so preached Emmaus last week, and this week am preaching the very next passage, when the 2 disciples have returned to Jerusalem and everyone is sharing their Jesus-stories, and Jesus comes and submits to all the ghost tests. Next week I finally get to the following Sunday and Thomas in John.

    Our congregation is worshiping online, a slightly compressed format from our usual Face-to-Face Sunday worship, all recorded from our homes (musicians/ liturgists/ me). My Emmaus sermon from last week is available here. Scripture and gospel begin at 13:10, following the children’s message.


  5. Getting ready to so the tweaks and writes prayers this morning and then record the service. Between now and Pentecost, I’m looking at how do we tell our story this these days. I am using the concept of telling your story within the framework of another story so up tomorrow is Jonah spending 3 days in the belly of the big fish. Next week is Job, then Elijah in the cave, then a bit of Ecclesiastes, Moses seeing the backside of God, and then the Psalm text for Pentecost.


  6. I’m leading a Holy Humor Worship tomorrow with my home congregation. Focusing on the Emmaus Road passage, my thoughts are on how it is the fact that we can have hope as a result of Jesus’ resurrection that we can be joyful. Even when things are confusing. Even when we find ourselves isolated in our homes. Even when we are fearful. Because joy is not about our circumstances. Deep abiding joy is about Jesus walking with us, reminding us who God is and what God is doing in the world. It’s been rolling around in my head all week …. now … to get it on paper!


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