Mothering God,
the uncertainty of these times
exhaust us to the point of
and we find ourselves
asking the cliff-hanger questions
that never get answered:
How long?

We long to hear the calm reassurance
that you are present with us …
that whatever the future holds,
you will be holding us in your constant care …
that the eternal promises are still true
and always will be,
no matter what.

For the graduate who seeks to celebrate
a hard-won accomplishment,
For the couple who has looked forward
to making their vows,
For the grieving who ache for the healing community
as they bury their dead,
For the parent who longs
to hug the child,
we pray for your compassion and your comfort.

O speak to reassure us,
to hasten or control;
O speak and make us listen,
the hymn-writer pens,
thou guardian of our souls.

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