IMG_5355The photo is my favorite insulated portable tea mug. It reminds me of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony award acceptance speech right after the Orlando massacre. “Love is love is love is love.” Whether you are in the RCL or the Narrative lectionary, there is lots of love talk this week.

In the RCL gospel Jesus promises the Advocate will come, and tells his disciples what it means to love him and be loved by him. In the other passages, Paul preaches at the Areopagus and Peter says we will all need to defend our faith sometimes, but to do it with “gentleness and respect” which seems a lot like love to me. The Psalm is about individual and communal praise and God’s steadfast love. Revised Common Lectionary discussion .

The narrative lectionary offers that most familiar passage on love, I Corinthians 13. How will you offer Paul’s words about the love? Narrative Lectionary discussion.

Maybe you are off lectionary for now. What are you preaching? Is anyone working through a series? As you prepare to preach (whether live or recorded), what is speaking to you? How can we help?

Wendy Lamb works as a commissioned pastor in a Presbyterian Church (USA) in Southern California and teaches college English classes at a local community college. She occasionally blogs at Bookgirl.

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8 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Love Is Love Is Love

  1. I recorded my sermon yesterday. I used the RCL gospel text and talked about the Holy Spirit being with us in this time. Our mode has been to take a Mr. Rogers approach to our recorded worship services, so we are offering short reflections offering hope. The young adult videographer liked my sermon. Now I’m waiting for Sunday to see how other people respond. –Wendy

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  2. We record on Saturday afternoon (and push to our Youtube channel for Sunday) and I’ve spent this morning wrestling with the John passage. We are doing a pre-pentecost series, exploring the person and work of the Spirit before rather than after (with the idea of helping people to understand what we are talking about when we get to Pentecost.) I’ve done a sort of compilation of all the Paraclete bits from John 14 to 16 and am trying to pull out a portrait of what the Spirit is like based on what Jesus says. It sounds better put like that than in my current manuscript, but I guess I have time ! Blessings to all preachers in these strange times.


    1. Sounds as if you know where you want to go, anyway. I really like that idea, of building up to Pentecost so the Spirit doesn’t end up being a “one and done” kind of thing. –Wendy


  3. Iā€™m reminded of a great typo you might include to lighten the mood: ā€œI will take away your quilt and give you a comforter.ā€šŸ˜‰

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  4. I am off RCL and NL and doing a short series which started with lament. Last week we began to turn the corner but peeking out and see what possibilities their might be during this time. This week continuing the conversation with Ecclesiastes. I am using some of Peter Enns work to help ground the direction.


  5. Gospel passage here. The Spirit of Truth. What does that look like? In a world of so much contradiction, how do we recognize the Spirit of Truth at work in and around us? So many questions still. Not enough answers. Preaching for my home congregation via Zoom. Still listening for guidance. And therein probably lies the entire sermon …..


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