It feels harder than ever to figure out what to say, and more important than ever to speak up. Here are some words you can use for worship — feel free to use them as is, or adapt, or use them as inspiration. If you print them somewhere, please give credit to the author. If you use them in recorded worship that will be publicly available and it is possible to do so, please credit the author in the video description or comments. Thanks.

A Litany for Racial Justice based on Micah 6:8by Katya Ouchakof
God has told you what is good.
What does God require of the faithful?
The prophet says, “Do Justice.”
The crowds shout, “No Justice, No Peace!”
The prophet says, “Love Kindness.”
The people cry, “Hands up, don’t shoot!”
The people lament, “I can’t breathe!”
The prophet says, “Walk humbly with your God.”
The faithful have no choice. They walk. And they pray.
And they stand between the innocent and the would-be perpetrators.
God has told you that justice is good.
God has told you that kindness is good.
God has asked you to walk humbly.
And so.
You must walk.

Prayer for Holy Trinity Sunday by Katya Ouchakof
Eternal Creator, we praise you for the goodness of plants and animals, sea and sky,
and humankind which you created in your image.
Holy Wisdom, we thank you for speaking to us through Scripture and music
and the words of our neighbors.
Fiery Spirit, we ask you to guide us as we seek to be faithful to your Word
and good stewards of your Creation.
Triune God, bless us this day as we worship, this week as we grow in faith,
and all our lives as we seek to reflect your love to the world.
We pray in the name of God, Mother*, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

*Replace “Mother” with “Father” or “Creator” if necessary in your pastoral context.


Music-wise, the traditional Trinity hymn is of course Holy Holy Holy….here are two less-traditional renditions that might spark your spirit. As always, the usual music rules apply — these pieces are embedded here for inspiration, if you want to use the video in a video of your own, you need the permissions and licenses, etc.

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