Looking for liturgical language that suits this moment in our world — a world of pandemic, uprising against individual and systemic racism, virtual gathering, and so much more? Here we offer some…feel free to use as is, to adapt, or to use for inspiration for your own. If you use these in written materials, please credit the author. If you use them in online worship, there’s no need for verbal attribution but if you post the video and it’s possible to mention the author in the video description, please do.

Photo by Gelgas Airlangga on Pexels.com

Prayer of the Day by Julia Seymour

Holy God, creation springs forth by the seeds of your word and the nourishment of the Holy Spirit. The written word plants seeds of truth and understanding in our minds and hearts. The Living Word, Jesus Christ, is the sower of our salvation and sends us out into your world to work his harvest in love. Amen. 

Santo Señor, la vida crece con las semillas de tu palabra y el alimento del Espíritu Santo. La escritura planta semillas de verdad y comprensión en nuestras mentes y corazones. La Palabra Viviente, Jesucristo, es el sembrador de nuestra salvación y nos envía a su mundo para trabajar su cosecha en amor. Amén.

Prayer for Illumination by Julia Seymour

May the God of all creation turn over and irrigate the soil of our hearts, that we may receive the seeds of truth from God’s holy word. May the Holy Spirit, cultivator of all good things, increase our understanding and expand the yield of our faithfulness. May Jesus the Christ, Savior of all, guide us in his path and remove our weeds of fear and stubbornness. Amen.

Prayers of Intercession by Julia Seymour

Source of love and mercy, the seeds of your good news pour forth on your creation with the intention of accomplishing your will of justice and peace. May these and all your divine intentions bear fruit throughout the cosmos that all may know your glory. Receive our prayer, O Lord, and in your mercy, answer us.

Source of love and mercy, we pray for people, places, and circumstances that are wrestling with the forces that oppose you. Spiritual powers and earthly principalities resist your righteousness and they try to strip hope and patience from your people. May the Spirit’s power thwart their weak attempts. May Divine Love overwhelm the lies of the devil. May Christ’s accompianment be felt tangibly among those who feel most alone. Receive our prayer, O Lord, and in your mercy, answer us.

Source of love and mercy, we pray for people, places, and circumstances distracted from your call by the real cares of this life. For the hungry, the unhoused, the unemployed, the underemployed, the sick, the defrauded, those struggling with addiction- the consolations of scripture and the Living Word can shouted down by pressing issues. May the witness of your truth be a balm to all those aching in mind, body, and spirit. May the witness of your people be a refreshment to all who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Receive our prayer, O Lord, and in your mercy, answer us.

Source of love and mercy, we pray for people, places, and circumstances distracted by wealth, hope of prosperity, and the idols of possessions. Guide us in deeper understanding that your Word is not window dressing to an ornamented life of our own design. Stir up our faith, Holy Spirit, that we may seek to live more simply and in greater harmony with others, by resisting the things that sow division, create competition, and promote an ideal of false scarcities. In God’s economy, there is enough for all. Let us be willing to be investors and invested in that divine system. Receive our prayer, O Lord, and in your mercy, answer us.

Source of love and mercy, you are the Great Composter- creating new life and nourishment from our trash and waste. We trust in your faithfulness for you have revealed it through creation, through keeping your promises, and through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who taught us to pray in this way…

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3 thoughts on “Worship Words for 12 July 2020: Seeds Will Be Planted

  1. These are so lovely…. thank you all!

    Here’s my invocation. Not saying a word.

    Look around, look around.
    How mighty is God, who gives the sun and rain.
    Look around, look around:
    How blessed we are by the fruits of the earth.
    God is good, so lift each voice
    in joy and hope, in praise and prayer:
    in God’s own good space and time.

    Liked by 1 person

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