God who abides in the six-foot gaps between us-

As we emerge more and more into our communities, may we articulate our boundaries. If our neighbors are physically too close, may we speak our concerns aloud. May we have the courage to ask our neighbors to wear their masks in our vicinity. May we be free with our noes as people request for us to be in spaces where we feel uncomfortable.

God, these are bizarre times. As we are people of handshakes and high-fives, of hand-holding and close-sitting, we must love our neighbors from a distance. This is difficult! And yet Jesus loved his neighbors from the heights of the cross – forgiving and comforting in his final moments.

May we figure out this new world and these large physical gaps with much grace and love.


The Rev. Michelle L. Torigian is the Senior Pastor of St. Paul United Church of Christ, Belleville, Illinois. Her essay “Always a Pastor, Never the Bride” was in the RevGalBlogPals book There’s a Woman in the Pulpit. She also has chapters in the books Sacred Habits: The Rise of the Creative Clergy and A Child Laughs: Prayers for Justice and Hope. Torigian blogs at http://www.michelletorigian.com.

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One thought on “Tuesday Prayer

  1. I was so sad to say “no” to leading a funeral for 50 people in a church where I was the supply preacher for a couple weeks (not actually the coverage person) I am compromised because of COPD and heart disease but saying “no” is not something we clergy even like to do. I am so grateful for this prayer.


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