Welcome back to the sermon party. This summer seems to be flying by. Banner Flowers smallPentecost was 7 weeks ago?!?

So here we are in the midst of Ordinary Time. Are you sowing seeds with the sower (Matthew 13)? Traveling with Jacob (Genesis 28)? Reminding folks that no matter where we are, God is there (Psalm 139)? Reading through Romans (Romans 8)? (Revised Common Lectionary discussion can be found here.) Do you have a summer series going? Are you trying something different in the sermon slot?

How can we help? Do you have sermon questions? Need Time with the Children ideas? Would you like to tell us about something that has gone well?

As you work on your sermon and services this week, we’ll be here. I’ll be keeping up today and tomorrow and I’ll continue to check in through the week. Let’s do this thing.

Wendy Lamb works as a commissioned pastor in a Presbyterian Church (USA) in Southern California and teaches college English classes at a local community college. She occasionally blogs at Bookgirl.

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8 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Sowing Seeds on Sunday

  1. If a “children’s time” is part of your usual Sunday service, how are you adjusting that piece to work online? What is working for you and what is not?


    1. I’ve wondered what others are doing, too.
      We pre-record. My colleague has taken a “Mr. Rogers” approach. She sits on a chair, looks straight at the camera, tells the kids she misses them, and then talks to them for a few minutes. I have done similarly when it’s been my turn.

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  2. We have resumed in-person worship. We were doing weekly videos for the children. I did several of them from my garden. The last one compared an invasive vine I can’t seem to get rid of to systemic racism. Told the kids what it was like when I grew up in segregated times in this city, and how things have changed, but we still have far to go, and they will need to do some of the things my generation should have done but didn’t.

    At this point videos are focused on children’s Sunday School lessons, as we have not resumed Sunday School for the kids yet.

    I’m preaching on Jacob this week. Sermon title, “Sacred Spaces.” So many creative minds have pondered that passage! Think of the songs! We’re going to sing “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder” and “Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place.” I’ve looked up my copy of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Stone for a Pillow: Journeys with Jacob as well.


    1. Sacred Spaces. That seems like a strong title for this time and place.
      I like the idea of your Garden Times with the Children. What a great use of different spaces.


  3. We have done separate Sunday school type videos for our congregation and have invited families and children to pre-record parts of the prayers or the sending from different places. The recordings have been a lot of fun and I know that kids/families tune in to our recorded worship services to see who has been included and where they might be. It’s been fun and addressed, at least partially, the desire we had been hearing from our folks that they see the faces of their church family.


  4. I’m using the alternative OT text, Isaiah 44:6-8. I had a good conversation with a local colleague about the “do not fear” part of it. But I still don’t have any sort of imagery or organizing principle, which I prefer to have before I get started writing. Still pondering. Covid anxiety is high in our congregation right now, as we’re in Texas and cases/hospitalizations/deaths are all rising rapidly. Most of us now know someone personally who has been affected. So the fear is real and overwhelming for some. Pondering the difference between caution and fear. And how love for neighbor is a stronger motivator for cautious behavior. Eh. Still pondering. We are live on zoom Sunday morning, so I can unfortunately keep to my procrastinating routine, up through Saturday night!


    1. Fear and Love. What does it mean to be motivated by fear? How is it different to be motivated by love? And what about those who are motivated by claiming not to be afraid? Interesting ideas to work with. I hope you find your guiding principle soon. –Wendy


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