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Are you finding that many things are accelerating and being amplified right now? Including our worship preparation?
In many parts of the world, preachers are struggling to get materials online well ahead of their usual deadline, while others are working out how to manage safe in- person gatherings and still others, where it’s summer in their part of the world, are trying to take a break.
While there is much in our scriptures, to speak into our very different contexts, the pace and the demand to speak into all that is happening in our world seems relentless.
I decided, today, that I’d sit for awhile with Mary Magdalene whose Feast Day it is in some traditions. But I know that, for those of you who have to preach on Sunday, that may not be a luxury you have.
We’d love you to share your musings and your struggles with whatever texts you’re working with as we try to support one another in our preaching. You may find the RCL post from earlier in the week helpful.
MY prayer is that, whatever you’re preaching you’ll be strengthened by the tenderness and the tenacity of Mary, apostle to the apostles.

Liz Crumlish  lives on the west coast of Scotland, near the beach and works in Renewal and Clergy Wellbeing. She is a member of the RevGalBlogPals Board, writes for Spill the Beans, blogs at Journalling and contributed to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit


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3 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Accelerated and Amplified

  1. These staggered preacher parties are odd – just like just about everything else at the moment. We’re back in our sanctuary with strict conditions (masks, gel, social distancing) meaning that most of our folk are choosing to still follow online – but I’m back to writing a sermon for delivery on Sunday morning. We started a series on Hebrews waaaaaay back Before Pandemic and this week I find myself in Chapter 13, listening to the preacher’s call to “go outside, where Jesus is” (The Message). Musing on how we hear this word today, when our insides have become our safe cocoons and where outside can feel downright dangerous. Maybe not so different from then after all…..


    1. Alison, it’s fascinating to be part of a global organisation affected by all the different time zones, seasons AND a global pandemic.
      I love how your Hebrews text this week echoed that dilemma of facing the dangers lurking outside.


  2. It seemed like a good idea, early in the week, to concentrate on the very last parable in the Matthew reading–the net full of fish. I’d preached on all the others last fall during a series on parables. But now, on Thursday, after a Wednesday funeral, it’s not seeming like such a great idea. No glimmer of a thought about where I’m going with it.


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