Sunset over Glen Elg Scottish Highlands July 2020

God of wonder,
as I wander through this world,
I wonder.
How can we see all you have made and still abuse and use each other?
How can we feel love and awe and inspiration, yet look at others and see not?
How can we, your beloved children look on the world with fresh eyes?
How can we fix this brokenness?

God of wonder,
as I wander through this world, wondering.
Still my restless heart.
Remind me again, that I cannot fix it. Indeed, it is not my task to fix it. Rather, it is my task to be present, to be a questioning voice, to be a constant reminder to others, that we cannot do anything alone, but that together we are able to do more than we can ever imagine.

God of wonder, as I wander through this world, be with me, with her, with them, with us.
God of wonder, wander with us today.

Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland minister serving a parish in the central area of Scotland. She writes for Spill the Beans; blogs infrequently; shares thoughts and ideas via Facebook live, either on her own or her church’s pages. She is a wife, mother, granny, dogmum and player of WWF.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Prayer

  1. “…player of WWF.” What’s that? The only WWF I have heard of is World Wrestling Federation. Somehow I don’t think that fits in this context.


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