We recognise that in these times it can be difficult to find liturgical language that is up to the task — of online or physically distanced gatherings, of pandemic, of political turmoil, etc. Worship Words are here for you to use however you need them — as is, adapted, as inspiration. All of these are gifted to you by members of our RevGals community.

Confession by Teri Peterson

We want to be where you are, Jesus.
But we also want to be safe, and comfortable, and right.
We want to be where you are.
But we also want to be with our friends, and to be respected by others.
We want to be where you are.
But we also feel as if we don’t know enough, or aren’t good enough.
We want to be where you are.
But we also don’t want to make anyone else uncomfortable.
We want to be where you are.
But we also aren’t sure the time is right.
We want to be where you are.
But we also see the storm raging, and, well….
We want to be where you are, Jesus.
Today, make that our overriding desire, and give us courage to step out where you are.

Prayer based on Genesis 37:1-28, by Kathy Swaar

“Jacob settled in the land where his father had lived as an alien…”

That’s us these days, Holy One.
Aliens – strangers in our own lives; in our own skin.
Trapped in cisterns of despair – some dug by our own hands.

Enclosed in the depths of these oh-so-finite spaces,
the view is limited.
What we see most clearly is what isn’t, what doesn’t work,
what can’t happen.

Raise us up, Creator God.

Lift our eyes to see beyond the can’ts and isn’ts,
the don’ts and wont’s; to notice every glimmer of light,
no matter how faint, to see you in all things.

Lift our spirits to embrace the barest shreds of hope,
the constant companionship of your Presence
that is ever in and around us.

Lift our hearts, and break them open.
Shatter the hardness, and pour in healing grace and love,
that out of that abundance, our mouths may speak.

Prayer for Illumination by Teri Peterson

Gracious God, you are generous to all who call on you, and so we come today asking for your guidance as we enter your word together. Throughout history you have sent us messengers proclaiming your word, in order that we might know you, trust you, and so enter your abundant life. As we listen with heart and mind open, we pray for the gift of insight, that we may be inspired and transformed as we put your word into practice. We pray in the name of Christ, the Living Word. Amen.

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If you have written words for online worship that you are willing to share, please send us an email: revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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