There are things we can forget, at least for a little while (just for instance, posting the Preacher Party at the correct time). But there are things that we can’t forget to do, at least not for very long: eat, drink water, sleep. And, “write a sermon” falls on that list of things we can’t forget to accomplish.

It’s sermon writing time–some of us are likely wrapping it up already, and some have not even begun to think about getting started. Narrative Lectionary posts have started up again, and the Revised Common Lectionary posts continue, both for your perusal and consideration.

Share ideas, ask for help, sit down and rest a spell.

Monica Thompson Smith is a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, serving as stated supply pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Luling, TX. She is a contributor to There’s a Woman in the Pulpit.

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9 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Things We Can’t Forget Edition

  1. I am now on my seventh round of going through Year A in the Revised Common Lectionary. Sometimes I look at the texts and say, “I just can’t. Not again.” So this week I’m going way, way off lectionary to preach on Psalm 104, which is a lovely psalm about God’s role as creator of all things. Sometimes, in the midst of a pandemic, protests, and a really ugly election campaign, ya just need to take a deep breath and say, “Bless the Lord, O my soul.” P.S. Sometimes when I do tackle the lectionary text, my take on it in this bizarre year of 2020 is way, way different from any take I’ve ever had on it before. I am finding my commentaries written in years past are not much help right now. Everything has changed.

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    1. I get that feeling too sometimes. And I agree that previous sermons, notes, commentaries, etc don’t speak—at least in the same way—to our present moment.


  2. NL – preaching on Genesis 2, 3 – The first act of disobedience was because they wanted to be like God. This resonates with me that the human need to categorize things is part of their need to control. Extend this to the history of racism which came at the same time scientist where developing classifications for all living beings. Humans began categorizing humans and they started placing value judgements on the the different categories. Not sure how I’m writing this into a sermon but this is where my brain is right now.


  3. Preaching Miriam singing with dry feet! There is ‘on the other side’ but we gotta trust we’ll cross by keep on moving forward. No pretty “it’s all a hoax [plagues] or is fake news, just stay together, do what’s smart, and wade into that water.


  4. Hey anyone still up? We are burning out here in the American West and I am feeling uncertain how to bring the good news. Got exodus for my text, and have had a theme all week “God makes a way where there is no way…” but hearing stories of trapped livestock in my own rural county, and Pharoah’s horses and chariots drowning….It just seems like so much unnecessary death for God’s people to get to safety. I went down a rabbit hole reading how people were conscripted into Phaoroh’s (which I guess I’ll never spell correctly?) army and it was…not pleasant. So it’s slaves killing slaves, basically, and P. (lets just go with initials) gets to trundle back to his palace unscathed and his power uninterrupted. In the rural county near me, people are putting up handpainted signs on their homes which are in fire evacuation zones that “looters will be shot.” I mean…what? It’s like the victims of the system turning against the victims of the system – and I’m struggling with why we can’t just work together to bring down the white supremecist (ok cant spell AT ALL), consumerist systems that trap all of us.I read this midrash in working preacher about how God mourns the loss of the Egyptians, too, and I cant really find any evidence at all for that in the text and wishing it were there feels a bit like cheap theology. I just feel depressed and angry which is not the proper frame from which to preach the gospel, right?


  5. Thanks for the space for the long rant. Usually I like to tie a neater bow on my sermon thoughts especially at (checks watch) 10:03 pm on a Saturday night. But it’s just not a neat bow kind of time, yet I know my people will be hungry for word of comfort and encouragement tomorrow- they have been thru so much already!


    1. Oh Jennifer. I have no neat bows to send your way, nor can I spell Pharoh on any number of tries. You and your community have my prayers.


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