This one is a blessing for you.
For you, who are tired. And frustrated. And feeling like a failure.
You are loved.
For you, who are angry, full of rage, and don’t want to be consoled.
You are loved.
For you, as you are overwhelmed, as you are worried, as you don’t know what to do next, as your lists and plans have piled up and toppled over and squashed your heart.
You are so very loved.
Too much is being asked of you, and these expectation of productivity and creativity and success are ridiculous. There is no right way to endure this. There is no awesome way to crush it during pandemic.
But there you are, getting up every day, trying a little, (hopefully resting a little sometimes), loving a lot, and doing what your faithful little heart guides you to keep doing…
(And also, even if you’re not, even if you just can’t try today, also, you…)
You are loved.
Every twitch of every muscle in your body, every tiny fragile line on your face, every different pitch of your voice, every relentless beat of your heart, every worried, scattered, stressed-out thought in your brain, is known and seen and heard and loved. By a God who is holding you right now.
You are so deeply loved.
Because you are.
So, blessed be your weariness, blessed be your trying, blessed be your resting, blessed be your courage, blessed be your failing, blessed be you, right where you are, right in this moment.
Friend, you are so loved.


The Rev. Erin Counihan serves as pastor at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO. She blogs, but honestly, she hasn’t blogged in forever. (Blessed are those who haven’t blogged in forever.)

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