Photo taken by Alicia Hager

Lord, we come before you today with our hands full.

Full of missing cats and old dogs, children who won’t grow up and the ones who grew up too soon. Full of money problems and justice problems, church problems and world problems.

Lord, we are missing friends and family. We are missing leaders who fought battles that made our lives better, and we are worried about what comes next.

In the United States we seem to be missing dignity, Lord, and empathy and our own good natures.

Help us to remember that in you missing things will be found and restored. Help us to believe that we, full of your spirit, can calm the waters and ourselves.

Gird us with strength as the pandemic rages on, and as we fight for the rights of others. Soothe our own wounded places with the healing balm of your love.

Fire our hearts, Lord, and bring us together, hands joined and voices raised, for your justice and peace.

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Make us those people, Lord. Make it so.

Alicia Hager resides in West Michigan and is a Postulant to the Sacred Order of Priests in the Episcopal Church. Alicia enjoys spending time with her daughters and her husband, is bonkers about her cats, and blogs at

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