I have had a reminder pinging my phone, which in turn pings my watch all day! It woke me at 6am, 12 hours ahead of schedule. I did not need the reminder at 6 am. And even though I thought I’d cleared it, it keeps pinging away, on the hour, every hour. Sigh. On whose authority is my watch reminding me I have the 11th hour party this week?!

This is my first week, in the new schedule, as a regular host for the PP. Over the years I have swayed from every week, to hardly at all, and back again. And I know I am not the only one. This year, the world has turned us every which way, and what used to be Saturday morning 11th hour stuff now falls here, midweek.

Thistledown sign that autumn is really here! (c) JMR2020

What are you all up to? Are you getting ready for a recording session? Are you in the building live on Sunday? Are you juggling all the balls, all the time? Whether you are using Narrative, or RCL, or doing your own thing, there are some good ideas and starters on our pages from earlier in the week.

If you want some help with liturgies, have a look at this week’s feast!

We are back in the RCL this season, and I am heading to the gospel, probably focussing on the authority, or lack thereof, that the leaders think they have, against the authority Jesus really has. It will be revised twice: for a written sheet, and an online YouTube version – what I used to do in around 15 or so minutes has become compressed, down to a maximum of 10, and I kind of like it, the immediacy, getting to the point, keeping the attention.

This is the space to chat about where you are going with your Sunday, preaching and praying, we all do it. I’m sure you have questions to ask and wisdom to share! I’ll be here and there, over the next couple days – happy to join in the conversation.

Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland minister, serving in the Forth Valley in the centre of Scotland. She came through Covid in April, has two crazy Sprocker Spaniels, loves to Explore Scotland in her motorhome, and is generally thankful to be alive!

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7 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: whose authority do you say?

  1. We have some interfaith guests participating in worship with us this week, so I have to record prayers, but that’s it. And then I’m going back to Boise to visit my husband and cats for the weekend. There aren’t many advantages to covid (at all) but I will enjoy weekends as long as we have to pre-record worship.


  2. We record on Tuesdays at 10 am, so I am working on World Communion for next week. I am preaching more than usual (colleague on sabbatical, we have some guest preachers, but lots of me). It’s not a schedule I like, but I *have* to get away from writing on Tuesday morning. We’re doing “Faces of Our Faith” from Sanctuary Arts and I am preaching on the Ethiopian Eunuch. I’m going to try to say something about how Christianity spread across the world from the very beginning (following the work of the Spirit) and also about continuing to improvise. The Ethiopian sees water and asks why he can’t be baptized and Philip goes with it. Can we do the same? Now to weave it all together into some kind of sense (though right now, just trying to put together a liturgy). –Wendy


    1. Recording on Tuesday takes a lot of organising! Love your question… can we do the same? In these days I think we are all seeking new ways of connecting. Blessings as you gather your thoughts and words together.

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  3. ok, having been unable to write yesterday, here I am, hoping desperately that I can get something written in the next two hours so that I can record before everyone in the neighbourhood starts the after school run.
    I’m in the NL, so it’s Joseph this week…I am recording of course but also going up to the church where I am interim moderator, for their first in-person service. I’ll be preaching the same sermon because I think it’s important that people hear the same message whether they’re in the building or not, but that does mean having a bit more of a think about it than I might otherwise. I have been pondering the angle of human trafficking, for instance…but that doesn’t quite feel like the the right mood for the first service in person under all the restrictions!
    So I think I’ll be talking about how complicated relationships can be, and how hard yet necessary it is to try to see things from another person’s perspective, and ultimately I’ll likely end up at the idea that it’s more important to “love with God’s love” — ie, act loving even if we don’t feel love in the moment. And that in the end, Joseph does that even when his brothers still don’t. or something like that. ha.
    it’s a long reading so it doesn’t need to be a long sermon, so realistically I probably just wrote the whole thing right here! lol.


    1. I did similar last week when we were in building for first time. Only difference was I did not record until the Sunday morning – recording live, and then editing and posting Sunday afternoon- it was hard work, but also ok. So much depends on so many other elements – life and relationships all complicated! Happy writing – I am just making mango banana smoothies with some very ripe mangoes that need eating!


      1. yeah…if I was in my own church building I might think differently about it (though probably not — I think I am going to still record separately even then, but will just schedule the recording to go live later than I currently do), but since it’s *technically* not “my” church I’m going to, it feels different. So I’m basically doing what I have been doing for months, but adding in a half hour visit to the other church building on Sunday morning. I warned the elders up there not to watch the video if they were coming in person. HA.


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