Today, Holy One, I am grateful for this season
Of creation
This time of harvest
When we are all gathering in
The fruits of our labours
Earlier in the year

Apples of many different varieties –
But not the Honey Crisp yet –
Are ripe for the picking
And we are gathering them in
To make apple pies and crumbles
And sauce and butter

Pumpkins have been piled high
So that the little children
Can choose the ones they want
To turn into jack’o’lanterns
To ward off dark spirits
And brighten a dark October night

The sky is a different colour blue
This month
Almost iridescent
And the leaves stand out in stark relief
As they change from green to yellow
Or orange or brown or red

It is these changes which remind us
That all colours are beautiful
It is these changes which allow us
To appreciate the differences
Among all of us
And to see beauty in each person

As we move through this season
Feeling the slight chill in the air
But still enjoying the bright sun
Help us to make the most out of
Every single day
For we never know which one will be the last one

Some of us are in the autumn
Of our lives
And this is the time when we also
Reap the benefits of
What was planted in us
So long ago

Thank you, Creator,
For all of the many harvests
We have experienced
And for all of the many harvests
Which are yet to come

Katherine Burgess was one of the contributors to A Child Laughs: Prayers of Justice and Hope. She also co-wrote a book of daily prayers with Neal Mathers. She is a second-career minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and serves two congregations in Québec. Now that permission has been granted, she is leading worship in person, with protocols in place to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

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