How is your sermon coming together this week? Both The Narrative Lectionary and the Revised Common Lectionary include the story from Exodus about the people of Israel building their own object of worship after growing impatient with God. The RCL also offers what may be a wedding planner’s worst nightmare, with guests canceling at the last minute or showing up without appropriate attire.

Perhaps you are preaching on another scripture text or working within a sermon series. Whatever your task this week, here is a spot where you can share your works-in-progress, ask questions, or try out ideas you’re considering for your sermon.

Here are links to this week’s reflections on the Narrative Lectionary and on the Revised Common Lectionary.

2 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Idols and Banquets

  1. It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada so that pretty much shapes the service. It seems to me that the question “what are you thankful for?” that is so often asked at this time might have a different flavour this year. I am working with a progression (I hope) from Remembering to Being Thankful, to Being Generous


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