or… the unending cycle of preach, prepare, preach, prepare…

This is the end of October – Sunday is November 1st – are you honouring the Saints? Following the Lectionary? Doing you own thing? Here- where I live, we will continue our journey through Holy Week that has been the RCL gospel for the past weeks; I have a kids talk title: “Don’t Show Off”. I thought my student would preach – he was rostered to do so; but the look of panic on is face, and knowing he had deadlines this week, made me choose to take it myself. I need to write something in the next 24 hours so it can be recorded for online Sunday; précised for the Worship at Home sheet to get delivered Friday and so I can take time off. If you are looking for liturgies have a look here, for some lovely ideas; for the NL have a look here and see what Jean has to share. And, for RCL you will find some reflections here.

Poppies for Remembrance knitted by members of Larbert West Congregation

It is Wednesday evening where I am – that’s Scotland by the way! So I will leave this and I will check back in on Thursday in my time zone. Don’t you just love all the variations in where we live and the times of day we all share? I am minded of the evening hymn: The Day Thou Gavest – as my day is closing off another one begins…

Leave comments here, leave links, share ideas, celebrate and commiserate, ask questions and offer suggestions. We are all in this together!

Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland minister, serving a parish in the Central Region of Scotland. She blogs at A Country Girl – and has recently been sharing her experience of Covid and its after effects.

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