Benefactor and Wisdom,
in trying times,
you challenge us to be
the people you call us to be.
You endow us
with creativity
and courage,
with wisdom
and strength,
with hope
and conviction.
You lavish us generously
with more than we could ever ask or imagine.
Some go forward boldly,
risking reputation and stability
to do what you expect.
Be present with them, Lord.
It is not easy to do your bidding
in a world that calls your wisdom
Strengthen their spirits,
for they are the rule-changers,
the life-givers,
the promise-keepers;
they are the prophets
and the examples.
Teach us to be like them.

Be present also,
with the fearful
and afraid,
with the hoarders
and the hopeless,
with the deniers
and the doubters
who bury their treasure in deep holes
afraid of what will happen
if they risk their livelihoods …
their relationships …
their standing in the community …
even for you.
Open their eyes to your faithful support,
to your tender mercy,
to your abundant treasures
and your sense of justice
for all people.
Embolden them to live fearlessly
according to your vision
for the world you have created,
that all may benefit
from the gifts you give
for the manifestation of the common good.

Julie Gvillo is Commissioned Pastor (PCUSA) and Founder and Creative Executive Director of A Place of Grace. Julie shares liturgy written on RCL passages each week on her blog, Point of Contact: Where Life and Worship Intersect.

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