Over here in Scotland, it is Thursday morning – it isn’t Thanksgiving where I am – but I do know lots of my sisters and colleagues will be celebrating today – not how they would have originally planned. but still, finding ways to give thanks in this weird and crazy year.

For me, today’s recording day. of course, in order to record I have to have a sermon written… pray gin that that will take shape soon. Normally I stick to RCL – but my church is going into a union with another net year, and as a step on the way, we decide to follow the format of the neighbours, so I have a totally different theme, off lectionary. It means I must start from scratch! I’m sure something will come… soon!

Wherever you are in the world, and however you are tackling advent Sunday on US Thanksgiving Weekend – I pray you are inspired! There are some great resources here on the blog: if you follow RCL – look here; if you are in the Narrative – try this; and if you are looking for some help with liturgies and prayers, you’ll find some great ideas here

The Three Wisemen starting off on the journey – inspecting organ pipes – out for service (timing right?!)

Meantime: I took our Nativity figures out of their tissue, and set the Wisemen off on their travels. This year, because we are not in the building every week, they are heading out and about, visiting some of our home bound members…

Wherever your journeying takes you this week, come and join in the fun. Comment below with your ideas, your questions, share links for those of us still struggling to get going. And, if you have food to spare on your table – put some of those virtual snacks and treats up to share.

Julie Rennick serves a Church of Scotland congregation in the centre of Scotland; she is currently working reduced hours as she works. through the after effects of C-19, and waits for Long Covid to pass. Patience has never been. strong point!

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5 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party – Thanksgiving and Advent edition

  1. Doing my first sermon series this Advent and Christmas so I am off lectionary. The series is called Scenes From the Nativity and I will use metaphors and memories and object lessons having to do with nativity scenes. I’ll be preaching at home via Facebook live in my dining room in front of a hutch with some of my mother’s nativity scene collection on it. Hopefully it will be homey and cozy without being too cutesy. Sunday I will preach on the annunciation with a sermon called, “Where does the Angel Go?”

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  2. I realized (too late) that I have never preached the RCL gospel text for Advent 1B, because my first pastorate always held a Hanging of the Green on the first Sunday of Advent. I am suffering from pandemic fatigue, just as many of my parishioners in this new congregation are, so “keep awake” often happens at 2 or 3 AM for me – and the rest of the time I just want to take a nap! But I saw a lovely Facebook post that sums up for me the kind of alert anticipation Christ asks of us: an 8 year old asked Mom (while Mom was driving) “Do you want me to throw the confetti in my pocket?” “No, not in the car! Why do you have confetti in your pocket?” the mom asked. Her 8-year-old answered, “It’s my emergency confetti. I carry it everywhere in case there is good news.” May we all have some emergency confetti in our pockets this Advent!


    1. I love the thought of emergency confetti! Blessings on your new place in these strange days; and praying that you will need find the good news as you prepare for Sunday


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