Photo of a torn, frayed antique quilt in light green, navy blue, red and yellow.

Holy One,

We who have been giving comfort, speaking hope, modeling joy… we are tired. Our hearts ache with unsung songs. Our churches are quiet. The people we love… are safely at home.

We are worn, broken, and tired. We do not feel peaceful. We do not see the culmination of Peace around us.

Yet, still we gather the pieces. We notice the patterns of light and dark. We see the tiny stitches of the original Designer, the attention to detail, the promise of comforting warmth, the Presence…

The fabric is frayed, but the task still remains. Bind us together, Holy One. Renew our purpose to welcome the hurting, the shut out, the cold, the weary. Fill us with your joy, your hope, your peace.

Amen.. and Amen!

Rev. Deborah Vaughn, BCC is a chaplain endorsed by the Alliance of Baptists. She lives with her family in Maryland and presently serves as a hospice chaplain and in pulpit supply. She remains a die-hard Ohio State fan. You can find more of her writing at An Unfinished Symphony

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