Hear my prayer, O God. And let my cry come unto you. It’s not feeling so great right now, I am pushing forward but you feel further behind. It’s taking a lot to get this season, this year, done and dusted. How are we doing? So many hard moments gathered up at every turn. They aren’t all feelings or thoughts worth taking into this week at all. I remember asking forgiveness when things weren’t so hard. Somewhere along the pandemic trail I set that aside, and now I need it back. Search my heart, mind, body, spirit, and make me new again. Forgive me the frailties exposed in my interactions with others. Fill me with gentleness and compassion, a sense of balance about things, good humour and a humble trust that you are always at work among people and all creation. Thank you for your love that sustains all that is, heals all that is, forgives all that is, frees all that is, and renews all that is. May I finish this season and this year grounded in the gospel that found me years ago and set me on this path of ministry. I am grateful to be in this story like a nano second of light on the milky way, with everyone else. Hear my prayer, O God. And let my cry come unto you.

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