Preachers! Here we go again – it is Thursday and your recording day, or preparation day is upon you. Where are you this week? Lent 2 beckons: maybe you are in the RCL and deciding what to do with Jesus’ predictions of death and the cross? maybe you are in the NL and rather than Jesus’ own death you are working through his reaction to the deaths of others? You will find blog posts for the RCL here, and for the NL here.

Crocuses at the Manse door

Whichever it is, these passages seem right for the days we are living through. The Pandemic feels relentless, all arounds us we are aware of deaths of those who have become ill. How are you approaching your own local situation? If you are looking for helpful words, look at the post from earlier this week with ideas for Worship Words.

Where I am in Scotland, generally our infection numbers are falling, and we have a vague hope of the easing of restrictions somewhere around early April; but right now our buildings are closed and all worship is online. Outisde I see glimmers and hints of spring: crocuses bright and cheery, buds beginning to swell on the trees. The days are longer and the temperature rising ever so slowly: spring is in the air and hope springs eternal.

Please add your comments, your questions, your ideas and sermon links (when available) in the commments below. Sunday comes – the party is on!


Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland Parish Minister serving a community in the Central region of Scotland. She is looking forward to dryer warmer days as Spring gets ever closer.


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3 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party

  1. Hi all. First time posting here. Does anyone know why the gospel says Jesus told his disciples that he would “after three days rise AGAIN”??? When did he rise before this? Just has me stumped and I haven’t found any answers.


    1. Left Behind and Loving is a site which provides a translation and notes. The word translated rise again is translated as just ‘rise’. Also in a Greek interlinear copy that I have it is also rise without the again. I don’t really know why that got put in the NRSV.


  2. Saturday evening and my plan was to write while my husband was out all day today, but started writing at 9pm 😦
    with a Baptism, Communion, and saying goodbye to a couple who are moving interstate, the sermon is a little shorter than usual, probably could almost have not preached, but I did not want this reading to be left without saying anything about it. Luke 13 thoughts


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